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Olivia Wilde’s thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” has sparked a lot of excitement with super sketchy characters, mysterious trailers, and behind-the-scenes drama. Suppose you know nothing about film festival rollouts or campaigning for a prize before the Oscars have been announced and only care about “Oscar movies” after the nominations have been announced.

Hopefully, we can discuss Olivia Wilde’s upcoming thriller Don’t Worry Darling honestly (and not hysterically) as it stars Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, and Chris Pine.

Don’t worry, Darling was released in theaters on September 23, 2022. If you’re wondering how and where you may watch the Trailer and what its review is on the exciting buzz movie “Don’t worry Darling,.”

Watch the Trailer and read the review before you plan to watch it!

“Don’t Worry Darling” Review 

Don't Worry Darling Review 
Don’t Worry Darling Review

A perfect picture of Palm Springs Suburbs is presented in the film, with the character Pugh playing Alice, a housewife, and Jack, a husband. They are newlyweds who are always engaged in romance. The cars and clothing shown in the film, as well as the gender roles and etiquette, are from the 1950s. This colony has 72 residents (and is increasing!), and males work top-secret activities in the desert.

The workers arrive at work simultaneously, driving through the desert on rocky roads. Whenever their wives ask what they do, they reply with a simple “you wouldn’t understand” or start performing oral sex immediately after stepping inside the house after a busy day.

What’s Inside the Movie?

  • Pine is the society’s architect. He also broadcasts a one-hour radio talk show aired in each home. 
  • The men are intend explicitly for wives who are good at cleaning the house, cooking, and shopping with comfort. 
  • Pugh’s closest friend Wilde plays a woman whose husband (Nick Kroll) received a job accompanied by an elegant pinky ring from Pine.
  •  The film also features Gemma Chan as Pine’s wife and the housewives’ dance instructor, who teaches them dancing and a motto about staying on top of things.
  •  After all, nothing is what it appears to be. Alice begins to ask concerns after witnessing (or perhaps imagining) a plane accident in the mountains after a suicide top one of the beautiful homes. 

Don’t worry; Darling is more of a withholding film than a twisting one. This is rather fair, given that whatever happens results from apparent gaslighting. However, it’s something of a cop-out. Perhaps the third act’s surprise would have worked better if it came earlier in the second act so that Alice and Jack’s relationship could be explored more in depth.

Don’t Worry Darling is Much more than a Thriller Movie

Any further information will reveal far too much. Don’t worry; Darling is more of a withholding film than a twisting one. This is rather fair, given that whatever happens results from clear gaslighting. It is, however, a cop-out in a sense. The third act’s surprise might have benefitted the film better if it had come earlier in the second act to explain more of the outs and byes of Alice and Jack’s relationship. “Don’t Worry Darling” seeks to expose patriarchal power masked as domestic joy. 

 The actor plays Pugh’s straight-forward voice of reason yet again – and she gets emotionally manipulated when she tries to alert people to dark forces within a happy environment. She also recalls her emotional performance in “Midsommar,” one of the major acts that established her as one of the best young actors of her generation. 

More Surprise

She is a powerhouse, making it all clearer that Styles was not yet ready for this task. He’s a great pop star as an actor. Granted, his role is suppose to be empty and beautiful, and he certainly looks the part with his tight suits and sharp, pointy features.

The camera is fascinate with him. But he’s outclass when it comes to gathering the emotional depth require for his more difficult sequences besides Pugh. (Curiously. Shia LaBeouf was initially cast in the role, although it’s difficult to picture him as the eager, young company guy on the rise here.) 

His presence is overpowering and scary.) Styles’ popularity matches the idea of “Don’t Worry Darling,” in which a small group of the forward families relocated to a scheduled Palm Springs town in the mid-1950s to construct their society. “It’s a new approach. Frank, the town’s founder, is play by Chris Pine with the crook smile of an ego cult leader.

Simple Review

Every day is the same as shown in the movie, which is part of the thriller. The men go to work in the morning with their lunchboxes in hand, on their way to top-secret jobs at the Winning Project that they are not allow to share with their wives. Meanwhile, the wives kiss them goodbye before beginning a day of cleaning and bathtub scrubbing, possibly a dance lesson, indeed rely on, some day drinking. Wilde plays Alice’s next-door neighbor and best friend, Bunny, with cat-eye eyeliner and a secretive smile. She adds some attitude and humor to this growing terrifying society.

Turns of events

But, gradually, Alice begins to doubt her reality. Her worry progresses from nervous suspicion to real horror as she learns more about this institution, and She makes it all real. Images come to her in the form of artistic puffs and dreams that shock her awake in the middle of the night. Wilde is eventually overdependent on these imaginations, black-and-white images of Busby Berkeley-style dancers or close-ups of eyeballs.

They become regular and irritating rather than disturbing. John Powell’s heavy-handed soundtrack gets increasingly aggressive and slow, telling us how to think at every turn. Whatever you imagine is going on here is more adventurous than it ends.

Powerful Climax

However, as Alice gathers the confidence to approach Frank about her fears, the film becomes a powerful climax. Pugh and Pine’s circle attack each other verbally. Their chemistry is electrifying. Regarding accuracy and competence, each is on a level with the other. Finally, there is genuine tension. Ironically, Frank and Shelley’s motto for their admiring residents is one of control: the need to keep turmoil away, maintain beauty and unity, work and live as one.

But, by the time “Don’t Worry Darling” reaches its climax and unintentionally hilarious end, Wilde has lost her grip on the subject. The timing is inconsistent overall, but she tries to solve the ultimate mystery with a big piece of information that is both confusing and mysterious.


The artistry on show, however, is flawless, from the sparkling cinematography of Matthew Libatique (Darren Aronofsky’s regular collaborator) to the perfect production design of Katie Byron to the to-die-for costumes of Arianne Phillips.

The outstanding work of all those behind-the-scenes people and others at least keeps “Don’t Worry Darling” watchable all the way up to its non-ending. Let’s say you’ll want queries later, and those post movie discussions will almost certainly be more thought-provoking and exciting than the film itself. 

So the song, clothes, and its all-stars are worthwhile. While it is far from the bigger picture, Don’t Worry Darling is an entirely entertaining thriller B-movie that will be release in theaters on September 23, 2022 (today). 


1- What age rating is Don’t Worry, Darling?

  •  Don’t Worry Darling received an age rating and a certificate from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

2- How long is the don’t worry darling Movie?

  • Its time duration is 2h 3m.

3- Don’t worry, Darling is set in which year?

  • The 1950s

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