The Monkey King: The Legend Begins 2022 Review

In The Monkey King: The Legend Begins, directed by Soi Cheang, Yun-Fat Chow, Donnie Yen, and Aaron Kwok star in a fantasy film. It also stars other notable actors such as Tony Leung, Sonny Chan, and Michelle Yeoh. The total duration of the course is one hour and thirty minutes, costing four hundred dollars. To be released. IMDb has not yet rated Monkey King:

The Legend Begins, but it is expected to receive a rating shortly. This film has been rated NR, which means that it is unsuitable for viewers of any age group, regardless of gender. The Monkey King: The Legend Begins is consistently covered by the media, thus ensuring that this website is always updated with the most recent information regarding the film by monitoring the coverage of the film in the media. A summary of the film’s storyline, star ratings, running times, budgets, financial returns, and release dates are provided in the following article, as well as information regarding the film.

Release dates

As of October 14, 2022, The Monkey King: The Legend Begins will be having its world premiere in theaters across the nation.

When can I get The Monkey King: The Legend Begins on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital formats?

The Legend of the Monkey King – The Beginning On Friday, October 14, 2022, the DVD and Blu-ray versions of this movie will be made available for purchase in the United States and Canada. It is expected that the DVD will become available sometime in the fall of 2022, approximately a year from now. From the very first time the movie was released to the public, it has been free for all public members to watch since it was made available in theaters for the first time.

A DVD or Blu-ray version of the film is commonly released between 12 and 16 weeks after the original release of the film in theaters, so that home media versions such as DVDs and Blu-rays can be enjoyed at home.

Digitally, the movie will be available on Amazon Video and iTunes at some point in October 2022 and will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K formats as well later that same month, in advance of its release on physical media formats (Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K) later that month. Whenever a release date gets closer, make sure you check back to see if there have been any updates because it may change at any time. If we get any new information, we will update this page as soon as we receive it and once it is available to us.

When can I get The Monkey King
When can I get The Monkey King

An overview of the film

  • Date of cinema release: October 14, 2022
  • The release date for DVD and Blu-ray is October 14, 2022
  • Budget: Unavailable
  • Availability: Not available in the U.S.
  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Fantasy genre
  • Anglo-Chinese language pair 
  • Rating: Unrated for age
An overview of the film
An overview of the film

Synopsis of the plot

So, what exactly is the plot of The Monkey King: The Legend Begins?

It is the first time that Hollywood has told a story like The Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven’s Palace and the subsequent remake, The Monkey King: The Legend Begins, that tells the story based on true events. A version of The Monkey King Story was adapted from the original films in US.

Ratings & reviews

There are no ratings available on IMDb or Metascore for this film. Both Metascore, as well as IMDb have given this movie a N/A rating out of ten stars in terms of its rating. Throughout the review process, the review scoring will be expanded and revised as needed.

Budget for the film

What was the overall budget for the production of The Monkey King: Legend Begins? 

A budget for “The Monkey King: The Legend Begins” has not yet been made public, so no details on the production budget have been provided. Funding was allotted to produce the movie, but it was insufficient for its production to carry out.

Budget for the film
Budget for the film

Box Office

How much did The Monkey King: The Legend Begins make?

It was The Legend Begins that subsequently gained blockbuster status for The Monkey King, which was a huge financial success at the domestic box office, grossing more than N/A at the domestic box office. However, these figures don’t take into account the money earned from home video formats such as DVDs and Blu-rays, as well as the money earned from digital downloads.

Here are a few facts about the film

How long is The Monkey King: The Legend Begins?

It takes approximately one hour and thirty seconds for the movie to complete. We have rounded down all times to the nearest minute for ease of comparison, and we are using only US timings as our points of reference.

The running length of a movie can vary greatly from country to country so it’s likely that different countries will have different standards. It is caused by the frame count starting at the opening credits and continuing until the closing credits that there is a difference in the official running time of theatrical presentations.

In what year was the film The Monkey King: The Legend Begins released?

This film, which is entitled The Monkey King: The Legend Begins, is to be released on October 14th of that year upon its release date in 2022.

Who directed The Monkey King: The Legend Begins?

The film was direct by Soi Cheang, who was in charge of the script.

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