Lynn streets transformed into 1980s New York for movie shoot

Lynn streets transformed

Lynn streets are transformed into 1980s New York as production crews prepare to film a new movie. The city’s historic street will be the setting for the new film project “The Collaboration,” to be released on December 20, 2022. They used old cars, including taxis and police cars, to re-create the look and feel of the Big Apple.

The producers chose Lynn because it is “so eclectic and diverse,” according to one of them. They say they are excited about filming in such a unique place, which they describe as having “a truly magical quality.”

The movie “The Collaboration” features several popular 1980s pop stars

The movie The Collaboration features several popular
The movie The Collaboration features several popular
  • You may have seen a film crew on the streets of Lynn over the past few days. That’s because the town and its residents have been transform into 1980s New York for a movie shoot.
  • The film “The Collaboration” features several popular 1980s pop stars and will begin shooting this week. It characterizes the connection between Neo-Expressionist Jean-Michel Basquiat and pop art superstar Andy Warhol.
  • From 8 am to 4 pm, the cast and crew of the movie set up shop on the sidewalk of 38 Exchange St. Drivers were occasionally stop at the neighboring crossroads while the production was shooting on the street. Traffic control officials from Lynn claimed they had not encountered any problems throughout the shoot.
  • The movie’s club scene features actor Richie Dinkins as a cab driver and extra.

The resident’s experience with the transformation

Residents were excited about this project because it brought business to the area and created jobs for residents. The film crew hired more than 100 people from Lynn Street to work on this project.

While walking her dog, Lynn resident Dharna Cortés notice a gathering of farmers on Mount Vernon Street. The first thought that crossed her mind was that it must be the Thursday market, but then she realized it had been Friday all along.

She noticed that the street resembled Manhattan more than usual, and after a closer look, she realized that she had fallen upon the set of Taxi Driver. Her suspicions were confirm when Dinkins announce his profession was cab driver. He was driving a Buick painted to seem like it came from 1970s New York City.

Some residents complain that the production team caused noise pollution during filming because they had to use generators during production days. However, most residents were please with how this project turn out and would do it again if given the opportunity!

The streets will be converted into 1980s New York City

The streets will be converted into 1980s New York City
The streets will be converted into 1980s New York City

Lynn street is the perfect location for a film set in this period, as it has an old-fashion vibe with a modern twist. Lynn streets is a street locate in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a short street that runs from Cambridge Street to Essex Street through the Back Bay and Fenway neighborhoods of Boston. The street is name after the city of Lynn, Massachusetts, which was once home to many textile mills and factories.

During the filming of “The Collaboration,” the city of Boston was transform into 1980s New York. They made sure they had all the details down, including authentic-looking cars and clothing. Even though it wasn’t essential for them to go through all this trouble just for one movie shoot, it did help make everything look more realistic!

About the Film

It’s a story about two people who are both artists and struggling to make ends meet in an unforgiving city. A sneak peeks into the extraordinary and deep connection shared by two fascinating historical artists: Pop art icon Andy Warhol and Neo Expressionism’s King, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

One of the films stars shared that she was excited to be part of best movie that captured this period’s exciting energy and creativity. She said that filming in Lynn made her feel like she was again back in New York City!

Much work transformed Lynn’s streets into those of 1980s New York. The production team had to get permission from local businesses to close off streets, change signs. Add other elements like traffic lights and street lamps. They also worked closely with residents to ensure they were comfortable with the changes.

The production company behind the film said they chose Lynn because of its “vintage feel.” They also said that it was important to them that the location be close enough to Boston so that they could use local extras.

Some significant scenes from different movies shot on Lynn street

  • A scene from the film The Depart was film on Lynn’s Marsh Road during the production of that movie.
  • Many scenes in Jennifer Lawrence’s film Joy were film in Lynn. Including the Kmart scene on Boston Street, at the location of the former Star Market. Where the Jennifer Lawrence film Joy was film. At the last gathering, held at the Lynn Item Building at 38 Exchange Street. The people gathered at the Lynn Item Building.
  • It was in downtown Lynn, where the chase sequence from the movie Surrogates was record that the movie’s chase sequence was film. When he is working on a project, Jack Noseworthy, a Lynn resident and movie actor, has made it a point to use Lynn as a set whenever possible.
  • The backdrop for Central Intelligence was the Lynn English high school sequence. Lynn Classical high school sequence, located in Lynn, Massachusetts.
  • As part of the Saint Patrick’s Holiday Parade Scene, Union Street in Lynn, Massachusetts, play by Johnny Depp in the motion picture Black Mass, was film on Union Street in Lynn, Massachusetts.
  • As you enter the Central Square Commuter Rail station, you will see that the entrance to the station is design to be similar to the one at the Broadway Red Line station. On Lynnway, there is a parking lot behind the Porthole Restaurant where the scenes were film.
  • At Washington Street, there is a scene that is film under a railroad bridge film inside Anthony’s Hawthorne was shot inside the Hawthorne Hotel.
  • In 270 Union Street, an alteration made the building look like the Boston Police Station for a scene film at the intersection of Silsbee Street and Union Street to reenact the Boston Police Station in the filming.
  • Boston has been feature in many episodes of Cops, one of which was film in Lynn, a TV reality show base in the city.


The old streets of Lynn were transform into 1980s New York for a new movie. The trailer for the film, The Collaboration was shot in Lynn. To transform Lynn Street into a believable backdrop for this film, workers had to change the color of the streetlights. Add vintage-looking signs, and install period-appropriate trash cans. In addition to these physical changes, the city also made some changes to the way it operates.

For example, they set up a hotline where residents could report any strange activities. They saw while films to ensure everything looked as realistic as possible. Lynn residents were invite to participate in the shoot, and it looks like they had a great time! It sounds like this will be an emotional rollercoaster ride that we can’t wait to watch!

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