Prey Movie Cast, Trailer, Plot, and Review


Thomas Sieben


September 10, 2021


Nellie Thalbach, David Kross, Maria Ehrich, Hanno Koffler, Yung Ngo, Livia Matthes, Robert Finster, Klaus Steinbacher.


This movie revolves around the Roman, Albert, and their companions that go on a wilderness trekking expedition. When the gang discovers an enigmatic gunman has ambushed them, they quickly find themselves in a fight for their lives.


The movie has fewer than 90 minutes of running time, so it should be simple to watch. Nope. This movie had the odd sensation of running far longer than it does. Much more time. It gets a fast start with plenty of suspense, but as the story progresses, the intensity decreases, and many viewers may lose interest. But the good news is that Prey catches up and keeps the audience interested once again. However, the movie’s quality fluctuates wildly. As a result, Prey seems to be far longer than it is.

The cast may be recognizable to people familiar with the most prominent German actors and actresses. Still, I enjoyed not recognizing any of the actors or actresses before watching the film. Prey’s thrills are all the more credible since we don’t know any of the actors.

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