Poker Face (2022) A look at Russell Crowe’s new movie

Russell Crowe's new movie

Directed by: 

Russell Crowe


Stephen M. Coates (screenplay) and Russell Crowe (story by)


  • Russell Crowe as Jake
  • Elsa Pataky
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Actress
  • RZA
  • Matt Nable as Billy
  • K Callan as Betty
  • Lynn Gilmartin as Allison Foley
  • Daniel MacPherson as Sam Levine
  • Steve Bastoni as Paul
  • Benedict Hardie as “Styx”
  • Dan Matteucci
  • Molly Grace as Rebecca Foley
  • Paul Tassone as Victor
  • Jemima Quinn as Political Staffer
  • Addam Bramich as Chris
  • Zack Grech as Young Paul
  • Oscar Mitchell as Teen Victor

Poker Face is the name of an upcoming action movie that stars Russell Crowe and Liam Hemsworth in the leading roles. The year 2022 has been select as the release date for the film, and production in Australia has already begun. Arclight Films and Sky produce Poker Face with aid from Australian funding agencies as part of Screen NSW’s Made in NSW project.

It’s an action comedy film slated for 2022

An action film that is scheduled to be released in 2022. This picture seems like it will be an excellent opportunity for Russell Crowe to try his hand at something entirely new, since it is so different from anything else he has ever worked on.

Another facet of the film that has piqued my attention is the fact that Russell Crowe will be appearing in it in some capacity. I can’t wait to find out what kind of part he will play. This movie has piqued my interest, and I can’t wait to watch it! Russell Crowe will have a very good opportunity, and it seems that there will be a lot of excitement involved. He is a fantastic actor, and I have no doubt that he will do an excellent job in this latest film.

Russell Crowe portrays a down-on-his-luck poker gambler who sues the mafia.

Russell Crowe is a well-known actor who has played roles in a variety of movies, such as Gladiator and Robin Hood, among others. It’s possible that you’re familiar with his body of work. In the upcoming film Poker Face, he will play the role of a poker player who has just fallen on hard times and must compete against the mafia in order to win back some money to pay off a debt.

He has played a mathematician who struggles with mental illness in a number of films, including “A Beautiful Mind” and “Cinderella Man.” These performances brought him a lot of attention and made him famous. Crowe started his career as an actor on stage before moving on to a career in film. New Zealand is the country of his birth. He has won the Academy Award for Best Actor as well as the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor twice.


Crowe is a father to four children, the result of two marriages, two divorces, and two miscarriages. He made the decision to stop eating any products that were derived from animals after seeing the documentary Earthlings (2008), which depicts graphic footage of animals being abused on farms and at slaughterhouses. Crowe has not consumed any animal products for well over ten years and is an outspoken advocate for the well-being of all animals.

In the role of Javert in “Les Misérables,” he said that he was required to eat meat during filming since it was impossible to tell if the meat was real or fake. He did this to maintain his authenticity.

In addition to this, he has voiced his opposition to the use of animals in entertainment that is mistreated. Crowe has been quite vocal about his decision to follow a vegan diet, even going so far as to tweet that he would only eat vegan meals while playing the role of Robin Hood.

Arclight Films has released an exclusive first look at Poker Face.

Arclight Films is releasing the suspense film Poker Face this week, which also marks the beginning of the film’s worldwide release. Co-starring in the film are Russell Crowe and Liam Hems worth. Crowe plays the role of a gambling magnate who offers his closest pals the chance to make more money than they could ever dream of earning.

They will have to reveal the information that they have worked their whole lives to conceal, but in return, they will have a better understanding of the true gravity of the situation. 

Poker Face

Poker Face was supported in its marketing efforts by the following production companies. Rebellion Studios (funding), Alceon Entertainment Partners (co-financing by), Arclight Films, Catchlight Studios, Future Artists Entertainment, Hamilton Entertainment, JBH Entertainment, Scarlett Pictures, and Sky.

MEP Capital (co-financing by) also provided support. The sky was also a co-financier (co-financed by). Jason Clark and Addam Bramich are the two people responsible for producing the film.

Main Lead Roles

  • A gambler who is worth a million dollars and is portrayed by Russell Crowe offers the chance for his closest friends to make more money than they could ever dream. They will have to reveal the information that they have worked their whole lives to conceal, but in return, they will have a better understanding of the true gravity of the situation.
  • Liam Hemsworth, who has recently joine  the group. He is determine to expose Crowe’s deception in order to protect his sister from being pressure into becoming one of Crowe’s “clients.”
  • Elsa Pataky will play the role of a woman who, after being promise marriage by Hemsworth. She was working as a waitress at one of Crowe’s casinos, is torn between her devotion and love for both Hemsworth and Crowe. Pataky will portray the character in the film.
  • Ben O’Toole, an Australian actor who just replace Rachel McAdams in the film. Sian Ashley, a recent replacement for Rachel McAdams when she withdrew due to schedule issues. Have also been cast in the film in unidentified roles. RZA, a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, has also been cast in the film in an unidentifie role (Rogue).

The Hamilton Entertainment project was filmed in New South Wales, Australia, and is in post-production

Hamilton Entertainment
Hamilton Entertainment

Poker Face is an engaging and thrilling thriller. The core cast of the film being produce by Hamilton Entertainment features Russell Crowe, Elsa Pataky, and RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. Principal photography took place in New South Wales, Australia, and post-production work is now underway.

The roles of Elena Neves in Fast and Furious 6 (2013), Elena Neves once again in Furious 7 (2015). Luca Villanueva in Rush Hour 4 are the ones that have brought Elsa Pataky the greatest fame (2021). In addition, she promoted the movie Poker Face by making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

RZA, a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, recently had a performance at SXSW. During which he sang some of his favorite tunes off his upcoming solo album titled “Man with the Iron Fist.” Russell Crowe, who is most recognized for his role as Jor-El in the film Man, also makes an appearance.

Poker Face is Crowe’s second directorial effort following 2015’s The Water Diviner.

This is his second attempt at directing, after his work on The Water Diviner. Which won the award for best film at the Australian Academy Awards in 2015. Feature Russell Crowe before he became famous for his role in Gladiator. Among Hemsworth’s many triumphs are the trilogies The Hunger Games and Most Dangerous Game, both of which are part of the Quibi series.

The main character of the story is a young woman who comes into possession of news. She will be inheriting a significant amount of money from her late father. On the other hand, she doesn’t have a complete comprehension of what it means to be “poker-face”. Until she meets with his shady accountant and learns about the debts he racked up due to his gaming.

Poker Face is funded by MEP Capital, Alceon Entertainment Partners, Sky, and Screen NSW 

Poker Face is being support financially by MEP Capital, Alceon Entertainment Partners, and Sky. The movie receive funding assistance from Screen NSW. Film productions are financially support by the New South Wales government via the Made in NSW fund, which is manage by Screen NSW. Poker Face will be made accessible as a Sky Original in both the United Kingdom and Germany by the film’s co-producer, Sky.

Executive producers and entertainment partners

The following people from Arclight Films serve as executive producers: Brian Beckmann, Walter Josten, Joe Thomas, Mikael Borglund, and Romilda De Luca. Also serving as executive producers are Jay Douglas and Julia Stuart from Sky.

John Malkovich, of Alceon Entertainment Partners, is the director of the movie. He is producing it with the support of Screen Australia. “Poker Face” is the name of an upcoming action comedy starring Russell Crowe that will be release in 2022. Sky will distribute it in both the United Kingdom and Germany.


The movie is giving off an incredible vibe, and my guess is that audiences will like it. I like thrillers, and I really enjoy action flicks.

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