Confessions of an Invisible Girl Trailer, and Review


Bruno Garotti


22 September 2021


Klara Castanho, Marcus Bessa, Alcemar Vieira, Carmina Garay, Gabriel Lima, Caio Cabral, Rosane Gofman, Fernanda Concon, Kiria Malheiros, Lucca Picon, Júlia Gomes, Júlia Rabello, Stepan Nercessian


This movie revolves around the socially awkward and clever girl that is admitted into the school. There is a Brazilian feature film called Confessions of an Invisible Girl (dubbed into English from Portuguese) about a teenage girl who has always felt like an outcast and friendless and the victim of her parents and grandparent’s constant sometimes hurtful encouragement. The film follows her attempts to fit in. A homosexual character is welcomed for who he is, and teens kiss. Bullying. It is very uncommon for bullies to fight with other girls, then step on their glasses as an act of retaliation for what they’ve done.

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