You Season 4 Part 1: A Review Of This Year’s Most Thrilling Season

You Season 4 Part

As of right now, you can watch the fourth season of “You” on Netflix. Episodes from Season 3 will be carried over into Season 4. The first episode of You’s fourth season will be discussed, including its story, characters, and the quality of the writing.

Plot Of Season 4 Of You Part 4

Season 4 of Netflix’s “You” premiered on February 9 and March 9, 2023, and it was eagerly anticipated. This American psychological thriller series has been a hit with viewers ever since its debut in 2018. The upcoming season should be just as exciting. 

There will be a fourth season of “You” on Netflix, with Sera Gamble returning as showrunner, as of October 13, 2021. Penn Badgley, who fans know as Joe Goldberg, and Tati Gabrielle, who plays Marienne Bellamy, are both set to return. In the new season, new regulars join the cast, including Charlotte Ritchie, Tilly Keeper, Amy-Leigh Hickman, Ed Speleers, and Lukas Gage.

You season 4

Location Of Season 4 Of You Part 4

Season four of “You” was shot in London between March and August of 2022. The show gets a fresh look now that it’s being shot in London. Moving “You” from its previous two American settings (Los Angeles and New York) to a European city will undoubtedly give the show a new spin. The decision to divide the fourth season of “You” into two parts is thrilling. 

That’s different from how we’ve done full season releases in the past. Divided seasons are popular among viewers so that they can enjoy their favourite shows for a longer period of time. The time between segments allows for reflection and discussion. The show’s suspense, drama, and psychological intrigue have all been elevated by the introduction of new characters. 

Fans are pumped for the second half of the season because of all the unexpected developments. “You,” a Netflix show, has returned for a promising fourth season. A talented cast, seasoned showrunners, and an exciting new location will make this season a must-see. Fans of this riveting psychological thriller can’t wait for each new episode.

Characters Of Season 4 Of You Part 4

The newcomers and returning cast members on “You” season 4 make for an impressive ensemble. Joe Goldberg, alias Jonathan Moore, is a professor at the university, and Penn Badgley plays him. After Badgley’s critically acclaimed performance, viewers can’t wait to see him reprise his role as the troubled protagonist. 

The character of Marienne Bellamy, Joe’s ex-girlfriend, also makes a comeback. Her portrayal of Marienne was lauded for its nuance and complexity, and her return to the series promises even more. 

Charlotte Ritchie’s character, Kate Galvin, the gallery manager, is icy and antagonistic this season, and she attracts Joe. Although Ritchie’s character isn’t like the show’s usual love interests, she and Badgley’s chemistry is sure to bring something new to the show. 

Tilly Keeper portrays Kate’s best friend Lady Phoebe. It’s to be hoped that Keeper’s nuanced portrayal of Lady Phoebe will add some mystery to the show. Amy-Leigh Hickman portrays Nadia Farran, a literature student at Joe’s university. Hickman’s character is a bright and driven young woman who falls prey to Joe’s deceit and sexism. 

A new layer to the story will be revealed through her raw and honest acting. Ed Speleers portrays the memoirist and eventual politician Rhys Montrose. Montrose grew up poor but managed to attend Oxford. Joe has a tough opponent in Speleers, thanks to his charismatic and intense performance. 

Adam Pratt, played by Lukas Gage, is a rich East Coast playboy who is seeing Lady Phoebe. The charming personality of Gage draws Joe in. Gage brings charisma and energy to the role, making him a great addition to the series. 

The cast for the upcoming fourth season of “You” is very promising. Thanks to the extraordinary skills and perspectives of each actor, the show’s thrilling and thought-provoking content will continue unabated. Audiences will be glued to their seats as they follow the series to see how these fascinating characters evolve.

Writing Of Season 4 Of You Part 4

Season four of “You” marks the first time the series has been filmed in a location outside of the United States. Joe Goldberg is “great when he’s in an environment that’s not natural to him, that’s foreign to him,” according to showrunner Sera Gamble, so the plot took place in a foreign country. 

Gamble added that the global spread of the COVID-19 virus had an impact on her trip. She was inspired to export Joe Goldberg after binge-watching foreign Netflix series during her quarantine.

Because of this choice, the show was able to further complicate the story by examining new themes and cultural differences. Season co-creator Greg Berlanti suggested setting an episode in Paris. 

Disorientation and unease are the show’s signature elements “Totally new structure. Our transition to a new genre is nearly complete.” A switch in genre necessitates a new cast of characters and a fresh backdrop. Newcomer Kate Galvin is portrayed by Charlotte Ritchie.

Joe is a fan of her cold and hostile gallery manager. Tilly Keeper portrays Kate’s best friend Lady Phoebe. Amy-Leigh Hickman’s Nadia Farran is the literary major Joe has in mind. Ed Speleers portrays the memoirist and eventual politician Rhys Montrose. Montrose grew up poor but managed to attend Oxford. 

Joe Goldberg’s tale is given a fresh spin with the help of the novel cast and location. This adds a new layer of complexity to the story by allowing the show to explore themes and cultural differences. Culture and history of London can also be explored on the show.

During the course of the show’s fourth season, Joe Goldberg gains some valuable insight. This new version of the series features new characters and a new location, which is set in a different country. Joe Goldberg will travel to London and Paris in the upcoming second season.

Release Date Of Season 4 Of You Part 4

In 2023, on February 9, the first five episodes of the fourth season of You debuted. The second installment, consisting of five episodes, premiered on March 9.

Many film and television productions had their release dates pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so the season was probably divided into two parts. Possibly as a marketing ploy, the decision allowed Netflix to keep fans interested for longer and heighten their anticipation for the second half of the season.


Part 1 of You’s fourth season lives up to expectations of high drama and intrigue. The writing, acting, and direction are superb. 

The show’s supporting cast, led by Penn Badgley, never ceases to amaze. The unexpected turns keep you on edge and eager for more. Listeners, don’t worry: this season won’t let you down.

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