Most Awaited American Romantic comedy “Ghosted”

Romantic comedy “Ghosted”

Are you ready for a heartwarming and hilarious romantic comedy that leaves you feeling fuzzy? Look no further than Ghosted, the upcoming American rom-com that promises to be the perfect date night movie. With a star-studded cast, witty dialogue, and an intriguing storyline, there’s plenty to get excited about. So sit back, relax, and let us give you everything you need to know about this must-see film!

What is the movie about?

The upcoming American comedy movie revolves around a young woman. Whose role plays the role of Rose Byrne,  her fiancé unexpectedly dumps. She then meets a charming older man, played by Patrick Wilson, who seems to be perfect for her. However, she soon discovers that he is a ghost. Despite this, they fall in love and must find a way to make their relationship work.

Who are the main characters in the movie?

Rick and Elise are the two main characters in the upcoming romantic American comedy movie. Rick is an alone man struggling to move on from his ex-wife. He meets Elise, a woman who’s also recently divorced and struggling to move on from her ex-husband. The two of them connect and decide to give dating a try.

The movie follows their journey as they navigate the ups and downs of dating after their divorce. They deal with their baggage, but they get the determination to make it work. Along the way, they learn a lot about themselves and each other, ultimately falling in love.

When is the movie available to watch?

The romantic American comedy movie promises to come in the. April 21, 2023. The film revolves around the story of a young woman who gets her heart broken after her boyfriend breaks up with her. She then meets a new guy who seems perfect for her, but she soon discovers that he is a ghost.

Where do the movie scenes get captured?

The upcoming romantic comedy movie gets its shots  in various locations around the United States, including Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; and Boston, Massachusetts. The film follows the story of a young woman who is haunted by the ghost of her deceased boyfriend and must find a way to move on from him.

What has the cast and crew said about the movie?

The cast and crew of Ghosted have been very excited about the movie’s upcoming release. They have said it is a very romantic comedy that will make audiences laugh and feel good. The movie has been described as a fun ride that is sure to please everyone.

 The upcoming American romantic comedy movie

  • It is a romantic comedy movie that gets direction by Leslye Headland and written by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein. The movie stars Rose Byrne, Zachary Quinto, and Selma Blair. However, it promises to come on the air on April 21, 2023.
  • The movie follows a woman whose name is Lauren (Byrne), who gets left by her fiancé. She then journeys with her best friend to find him and get answers. Along the way, she meets a man named Mike (Quinto), who helps her on her quest.
  • It is a funny and touching movie that explores the idea of love and friendship. It is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages.

The plot of the movie

The upcoming romantic American comedy revolves around a young woman, Sarah, struggling to find love. She has been ghosted by her last three boyfriends and is beginning to lose hope. Her friends decide to set her up on a blind date with a man named Matt, who seems perfect for her. However, Sarah’s world gets turns upside down when she discovers that Matt is a ghost. Despite being initially scared, Sarah decides to give Matt a chance, and the two begin a whirlwind romance. Ghosted is a heartwarming story about taking chances and finding love in unexpected places.

Why you should watch this movie

  • If you’re looking for a heartwarming and funny romantic comedy, look no further than Ghosted. The movie follows the story of two people who fall in love even throbbing.
  • Yes, that’s right, this movie is a rom-com with a supernatural twist. And it’s not just any old ghost story, either. The film’s writers have put a clever and original spin on the genre that is sure to please audiences.
  • But what makes Ghosted worth watching is the chemistry between the lead actors, Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. They have an undeniable on-screen chemistry that will make you believe in love again.
  • So if you’re looking for a feel-good movie to watch with your friends or significant other, check out Ghosted when it comes out in theatres.

When will the movie be available?

  • The new romantic American comedy movie sets to release on April 21, 2023. The film gets direction by Ben Palmer and stars Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson, and Leslie Odom Jr. However, its writer is Ben Palmer. 
  • The movie follows the story of a young woman named Sarah who is left heartbroken after her boyfriend dumps her. She decides to move to Los Angeles to start over, but things take a turn for the weird when she starts getting ghosted by everyone she meets. With the help of her friends, Sarah sets out to figure out what’s going on and finds love in the process.
  • It is a hilarious and heartwarming movie that will have you laughing and falling in love along with the characters. If you want a feel-good rom-com to watch this fall, watch Ghosted!

How to watch the movie

If you’re a fan of romantic comedies, then you’ll want to check out the upcoming American movie Ghosted. Here’s everything you need to know about the film:

The movie revolves around a woman name Emily (played by Anna Kendrick) who gets terrified by her ex-boyfriend, Patrick (played by Justin Timberlake). After she breaks up with him, she starts seeing him everywhere. Eventually, she realizes he’s been haunting her because he’s died and wants to stay close to her.

To watch the movie, simply go to your nearest cinema. However, it becomes available to you on April 21, 2023.


It is an upcoming romantic American comedy movie that promises a fun ride for all audiences. The star-studded cast, unique plotline and witty dialogue are sure to make this movie one of the most talked about films of 2021. If you’re looking for a light heart and entertaining romance flick. Without any doubt, this movie is the best movie to watch. it’s a worth-watching movie. No doubt it’s full of emotions. But emotions of sadness always give you the best lesson in life.

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