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The Railway Children Return

Release Date: 

July 16, 2022


Morgan Matthews 


Danny Brocklehurst


Beau Gadsdon as Lily Watts

Austin Haynes as Thomas Waterbury

Eden Hamilton as Pattie Watts

Zac Cudby as Ted Watts

KJ Aikens as Abraham “Abe” McCarthy

Jenny Agutter as Roberta “Bobbie” Waterbury

Tom Courtenay as Uncle Walter

Sheridan Smith as Annie

Jessica Baglow plays Angela

John Bradley as Richard Perks

Hugh Quarshie as General Harrison

Neil Hurst as Teacher

Micky Williams as the children’s Dad

Joseph Richards as Georgie Duckworth

the railway children return review

The Railway Children Return is an excellent film that everybody should see. It has a strong acting ensemble and tells an intriguing narrative. The film’s story is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding example of its genre anywhere in the world. This time, it made its way back to the big screen in the form of a sequel movie. The book recounts the experiences of three kids who, as a result of World War II, were force to leave their homes in a sleepy little town and go to a hamlet in Yorkshire. Now the movie tells the story in a slightly different way.

It is always a treat to see such stories brought to life on film, and with this latest version, the job has been done even more effectively than in the past versions. After its release on July 15, 2022, “The Railway Children Return” is available to the public and can be seen by anyone curious about the film’s plot.

The Film’s Storyline 

In 1944, as World War II dragged on for another year, a new barrage of bombs was drop on the UK. Kids are evacuate northward to the village of Oak worth, locate in Yorkshire’s West Riding. The authorities step in after it was decide that all of the Railway Children Return would be adopt by the community.

They demand that the Watts children be kept together with each other. When no one else would assist them, Bobbie made a kind offer of her house to the couple. Bobbie Waterbury, the daughter Annie, who teaches school, and her grandson Thomas, who is 13 years old, take in Lily Watts, who is 11 years old, and Ted Watts, who relocated from Manchester. Thomas instantly welcomed and embraced his new siblings and helped them feel more like family members.

Beau Gadson and Jenny Agutter

There was a disturbance near the barracks on the first night that the United States military established a post there. When a group of local youngsters, disturbed by the kids’ presence in the neighborhood, attacks them, Thomas gives them protection in an abandoned van that he keeps hidden in the nearby train station. Then Annie shares with Thomas the news that her father is still alive and is being held prisoner of war, although her father’s plane was shot down.

American Supply Train

After his uncle has finished telling Walter everything, Walter asks his uncle about the American supply train that he had heard about by phoning the War Office, where his uncle works. Then, Thomas, a generation younger than Bobby and her siblings, gathers Pattie, Ted, and the other local and evacuee Railway Children Return to construct banners warning the train to stop.

Heartbreaking News

Annie’s husband is a soldier, and he is now serving overseas. She just received some heartbreaking news, bringing up painful memories of Bobby’s dad and brother. They both died during World War I. She was given some space, and the kids start hiding and seeking inside the station inset of talking to her. After he was injured, they found him hiding in a cave. Among the individuals they found was a soldier of African-American descent named Abe McCarthy. He claims he is on top-secret duty and cannot bear the chance of being found out.

When Lily presses him on it, Abe says he is just 14 years old and hoping to return to his family because he has seen how the US Army handles black soldiers. Who are routinely mistreat by police officers, ignoring the town’s refusal to comply with the US officials. They order to ban the local pub from discriminating based on race. Her experience with the US Army has shown her how it treats black soldiers. She authorizes him to leave the area with her full support.

United States Army

The next day, Lily brings Abe to the railway station so that he may catch a train bound for Liverpool. Abe and Thomas come along with them to provide distractions and guarantee that Abe. Thomas don’t get caught by anybody. Because of this, local authorities were able to detain him, and they then informed the U.S. Military Police. The latter began searching for the train further up the line. Lily and Abe, who have been taken into custody, are place in handcuffs and led to the base. They are then put on a supply route for the United States Army, which also holds high-ranking personnel.

The children successfully stopped the train and denounced the Americans for their actions because of what they had done. After Abe has explained the matter to the highest-ranked general, he finds out that the general also registered in the military while he was still a minor. Abe is then given his freedom by the superior. Following his stay with the family, he promises Lily that he will mail a letter to her before returning home. After another three months, the siblings return home, while Thomas’s father soon follows.

The Review

Many people believe that the film is a legacy sequel, or perhaps even a “Railway Children: Maverick,” because the original Railway Child, Jenny Abutter, returns to play Bobbie in this re-spin in a more challenging but still kid-friendly environment. However, the film directed by Morgan Matthews does most of its own thing from a narrative perspective, despite embracing the first film’s plot cores, thematic ideas, and visual motifs.

World War II

Because the story focuses on kids having fun in the countryside during World War II, the filmmaker made the ideal choice by situating the story within that period. This decision not only imbues the whole movie with a distinct sense of dread but also complements Abutter’s age as an actor.

Oak worth School

Thus, Annie (Sheridan Smith), the successful headteacher at Oak worth School, takes in three orphans. With the help of her son Thomas (Austin Haynes), who looks after the elderly Lily (Beau Gadsden), the independent Pattie (Eden Hamilton), and the cheeky scamp Ted, all three of them quickly become close friends. Beau Gadsden plays Lily, and Pattie and Ted are both play by Eden Hamilton (Zac Cubby). 

In the movie’s first fifteen minutes, Smith and the younger performers get into all sorts of mischief. This includes chasing chickens, bathing, scooping mud out of hidden hideouts, and coming into contact with villagers who throw cankers and coal at them. Because Smith has such a great relationship with the young performers. These missions are given a boost as a result of that connection.

Dramatic Turn

Things take a more dramatic turn when it is reveal that she is also on a personal mission when the gang arrives at the house of Abe (KJ Aikens). African-American soldier who is injure and claims to be on a secret mission. Abe is a soldier in the movie. Abe is a soldier in the United States Army.

Whistle Down the Wind is a book that Bryan Forbes wrote, and the sequel refers to the fact that the children help the stranger without telling their parents about it. Beau Gadsden, the movie’s anchor, plays the lovable young Jyn Eros, who serves as the story’s protagonist in Rogue One.

The Railway Siding Children

Martin Phipps and Ed Farmer composed a meaningful and appealing score. Even though the film has little interest in or inspiration from the golden age of steam (this could be titled “The Railway Siding Children”). There are some subtle references to the original movie (the first shot of Abutter coming down the hill is frame with Jenny Abutter.

Who plays Bobbie, who was a suffragette before meeting Churchill. They makes for a convincing former suffragette, and Tom Courtenay makes for a likable Churchill mimic. Who makes a good portrayal of the character. Her brother-in-law, Uncle Walter, who was a Churchill mimic, is an engaging presence throughout the film.

Matthews’s Direction

The movie’s end is a little predictable because it focuses on children coming to the rescue. Which undermines the film’s prior attempt to be taken seriously and fails to capture the viewer. The storyline, which Danny Brocklehurst wrote, was very well-written, and, once again, Matthews was able to coax excellent performances out of his younger performers, which helped to make this movie a delightful experience to watch. The film turned out well, thanks to Matthews’s direction. 

Jyn Erso

Jyn Erso’s younger self, portrayed by the no-nonsense actor Beau Gadsden, made a big impression a few years ago and will probably play a big role in this movie. As a person, she is capable of being both harsh and tender, natural and seasoned at the same time. She can eloquently encapsulate puberty’s transitional area in an intelligent and meaningful way.

Even though the new cast of The Railway Children Return isn’t quite as warm and appealing as the cast of the original production. They make up for it by delivering a multitude of compelling performances throughout the show, which keeps the audience thoroughly engage.

Makes up

This makes up for the fact that the new cast isn’t quite as warm and appealing as the original production’s cast. This helps make up for the fact that the new cast is not quite as charismatic and appealing as the original cast was. So it’s good that they’ve got this going for them.

Dark Harvest 2022

If you found the first one enjoyable, I believe that you will find the second one to be much more satisfying due to its increased depth of character and emotion. Even if you haven’t seen the original masterpiece of dark harvest 2022, you should make it a point to watch The Railway Children Return because the film is widely considered among the best examples of its genre anywhere in the world.

Instead of being the first movie, it will be the second one in the series. Even if you haven’t seen the first movie, you shouldn’t let that stop you from seeing. The second one because it is a worthy investment of your time and can be enjoy on its own.

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