Spirited Film Review 2022

Spirited Film

You’re about to watch a movie that will get you into the holiday spirit. The spirited film is a retelling of Charles Dickens’s timeless story “A Christmas Carol.” Featuring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, Spirited film will surely bring the whole family to their feet.

The spirited film is a fantastic choice for a fun holiday movie night. There are some mild rude jokes and strong language in this film. Therefore, it is rated PG-13. Approximately it will run for two and a half hours and seven minutes. On top of that, it will be available to stream just in time for Thanksgiving on the 18th of November!

What Is the Film Spirited About?

A film entitled “Spirited” is a piece of modern music based on Charles Dickens’s classic Christmas tale, “A Christmas Carol.”

In this movie, Ebenezer Scrooge is seen as a modern-day version, a gender-swapped version. The ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future follow you throughout the film.

The Cast of Spirited

There’s a good chance you’re familiar with the cast of Spirited. There are some big names in this star-studded cast.

Sean Anders directed the film, which was produced by Ryan Reynolds, George Dewey, Will Ferrell, Jessica Elbaum, and David Koplan. Sean Anders wrote the piece himself. Streaming will begin on November 18, 2022, and theaters will open on November 11, 2022.

Cast-wise, the movie has an amazing cast. In this film, Ryan Reynolds portrays Clint Brigg, Will Ferrell portrays the Ghost of Christmas Past, Aimee Carrero plays Nora, Marlow Barkley portrays Wren / Young Carrie, Sunita Mani portrays Past, Octavia Spencer plays Kimberly, and Patrick Page plays Marley.

The Musical Numbers in Spirited

Those who love holiday movies will want to check out the new Spirited film if you are a fan of holiday films. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a retelling of the classic holiday tale by Charles Dickens with contemporary music.

In terms of music, the film has quite a bit to offer. A talented cast performs some great numbers in this show, which includes some great numbers. A feel-good holiday film with great music will make you happy if you take the time to watch Spirited.

The Visual Effects in Spirited

Films like Spirited impress me with their visual effects. This is a fantastic work by the team of digital artists who have worked hard to turn the characters into believable characters and create a believable vision of London in 2022. Each detail of the setting, from the cobblestone streets to the towering Christmas trees, to the festive costumes of the characters, has been carefully considered. The result is a movie that feels truly magical.

Although it’s rough around the edges, you may find it difficult not to root for the protagonist in the end. As if you were watching a community production of an independent musical as if you were watching a community theatre production. This glitzy, upbeat, and entertaining musical fantasy has many flaws, but it is too funny and exciting to ignore.

The Costumes in Spirited

The Spirited film has some truly incredible costumes. They contribute to establishing the movie’s mood and bringing the characters to life in the process. In creating each outfit, a lot of thought and care went into it, and the results are worth it.

The Ghost of Christmas Past is, without a doubt, my favorite of all the available costumes. It’s unique and eye-catching and helps showcase the character’s playful personality. The sequins and feathers make her look like an actual fairy-tale princess, and I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role.

What Are the Critics Saying About Spirited?

So what are the critics saying about Spirited? The film has received a lot of positive feedback so far.

 On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 78% rating, with the most positive reviews. When all of Spirited’s intricate parts work together, it’s an exhilarating film experience unlike any other from the past or present.

Remarks that stand out include compliments on the cast’s performances and entertaining spin on Charles Dickens’s traditional Christmas tale. And even though it is not a movie that will appeal to everyone during the holiday season. Most people agree that it is an excellent choice for those looking for a light-hearted and celebratory film to watch during this time of year.

Should You Watch It?

You’ve been thinking about going to see this Spirited film, right? What decision have you made? To tell you the truth, the movie will be pretty enjoyable. The comedy is dead-on, the acting is excellent, and the music is outstanding. The only drawback is that it may not be suitable for younger audiences, such as children. 

There are some scenes that they may find too terrifying or too gross to watch. On the whole, however, it is an excellent movie for older audiences. The movie will likely leave fans of Ferrell and Reynolds feeling disappointed and cheated after seeing them act in such a sincere and nasty role.

Is it something that we recommend to the people who read our blog? Unquestionably and without a doubt! You should watch “Spirited” if you are looking for a humorous and expertly crafted film set during the holiday season. Simply put, you should brace yourself for a couple of nail-biting instances.


The spirited film is a funny, heartwarming, and naughty musical that’ll put you in the holiday spirit. The ensemble has a lot of talent and is endearing. The songs are catchy and entertaining. The story’s overarching theme is redemption, love, and hope.

The spirited film will put a smile on your face and get you in the mood for holiday cheer. Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of Dickens’s original story, A Christmas Carol. It will be playing in theaters near you this November, so make sure you get it.

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