Slumberland Movie Cast, Trailer, Plot, and Summary


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Due to Covid 19, the movie release delays, somehow we are getting the news about the release date. You can watch this movie in the mid of 2022.


India de Beaufort, Jason Momoa, Humberly González, Marlow Barkley, Kyle Chandler, Weruche Opia, Chris O’Dowd, Luxton Handspiker, Adriano Leropoli, Cameron Nicoll, François Pruneau, George Triantos, Owais Sheikh, Dorami Hsien, Paulina Posadas Dagio, Antonio Raine Pastore, Ava Cheung, Tonya Cornelisse, Michael Blake, Sergio Osuna, Maher El Hares, Jamillah Ross, Randolf Jimenez, Katerina Taxia.


In this movie, you will see a girl who had lost her father in mystical dreamland. She will be taking help from the half man and half monster creature.

Inspired by the famous Winsor McCay comic strips, the film follows its immensely fascinating hero, Little Nemo, a voyage through Slumberland. In making Nemo a weak non-entity, the film merely follows an ancient, animated tradition, in which the hero is typically the least exciting figure.

After Nemo’s bed flies and flows out of the bedroom window into Slumberland, we reach a realm that appears somehow influenced by ‘Yellow Submarine.’ The film follows a line of stories only loosely, taking care of one adventure and character that resembles a dream logic.

He collects a few friends on his trip, including a scientist, an ensemble, and four broad-eyed goblins. He is also a buddy of the white-barked ancient King Morpheus, who gives him a royal scepter and key and cautions him to never use it to open the door beyond which lurks the nightmare.

The film is continuously visually watchable; the animation extends to space and redefines it constantly, like a dream, such that the physical rules appear suspended, and Nemo whirls between surprises. Some of the conversations are brighter than they might have been.

Flip’s role, the cigar-smoking friend and fixer, appears just this side of a caricature showcase, for example, even though Rooney does with his voice as much as he can. Why can’t this animation appear to be free from subtly racist coding? Besides, “Slumberland” is an intriguing, if not a fantastic, movie, with some likable characters, some happy tunes, and visual shocks. Nemo himself has an eggplant IQ, although he’s not talking much, at least.

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