Hunt Her, Kill Her A Heart-POUnding Thriller Movie

Hunt Her, Kill Her 

Introducing “Hunt Her, Kill Her,” a heart-pounding thriller that lives up to its gripping title. In this edge-of-your-seat film, Natalie Terrazzino delivers a riveting performance. However,  Karen is a struggling single mother who finds herself on the brink of survival. Karen takes on a challenging night shift janitorial job at a furniture factory. Moreover, setting the stage for a relentless battle against an unknown threat.

Originally titled “Night Shift,” the film premiered at the prestigious Chattanooga Film Festival, receiving resounding acclaim. The festival buzz caught the attention of Welcome Villain Films. However, a newly established studio specializing in horror films. Furthermore, it solidifies the movie’s potential.

“Hunt Her, Kill Her” masterfully employs a classic formula. Moreover, placing a woman in peril and cranking the tension to unprecedented heights. At the same time, the film features impressive visual effects. Its true strength lies in the ensemble cast of talent. Yet undiscovered actors and the palpable atmosphere that permeates every scene.

Shot on location at a functioning furniture factory in Morristown, Tennessee, the film immerses viewers in a nerve-wracking experience. Using the factory’s original layout and machinery. The filmmakers create an eerie ambience that intensifies when darkness descends. Plus, unsettling sounds reverberate through the halls. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as “Hunt Her, Kill Her”. Moreover, plunges you into a relentless battle for survival. However, where every moment is filled with pulse-pounding suspense.

The Plot of the Movie

Amid Karen’s tumultuous life, she eagerly embarks on her new job at a furniture factory. Despite being a thankless night shift janitorial position. Unfortunately, some of her coworkers, including the unpleasant Rusty (Scott Lane) and Mickey (Trevor Tucker).  Show little enthusiasm about her joining the team. Their encounter leaves Karen shaken, but she is trapped in a tough situation. Where she cannot turn down the much-needed pay, even in the face of unwelcoming colleagues.

As Karen acquaints herself with her responsibilities. Moreover, settling into her routine, she gradually begins to relax and explore the factory. The once boisterous and brightly lit workplace takes on an eerie stillness. That is interrupted only by sporadic echoes of clanging pipes and humming machinery. However, during one of her trips to dispose of trash, Karen notices a suspicious van idling in the parking lot.

Although not entirely unusual, the van’s presence feels out of place, especially with Karen alone inside the factory. Despite her instincts, Karen reluctantly turns her back on the truck. Plus, heads back inside, unaware of the impending terror that awaits her.

What started as a seemingly ordinary night on the job quickly escalated into a desperate battle for Karen’s survival. Masked intruders infiltrate the factory, setting in motion a deadly game of cat and mouse between Karen and her would-be killers. The factory floor transforms into a treacherous battleground, where she must fight tooth and nail to stay alive. To make matters worse, Karen realizes she may be less familiar with her surroundings. Than the maniacs who have invaded the premises. In this harrowing ordeal, Karen must rely on her instincts.  resourcefulness to outwit her assailants and ensure her survival.


Hunt Her Kill Her

Amidst the relentless pursuit and imminent danger, the race against time intensifies as Karen fights to maintain her composure. In this heart-pounding fight for survival, she must keep her wits sharp, navigate the factory’s labyrinthine layout, and outmanoeuvre her ruthless adversaries. “Hunt Her, Kill Her” becomes a gripping battle where Karen’s resilience and determination will be tested to their limits to outsmart and outlast those who seek to harm her.

The Cast and Crew

Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen, the creative minds behind the low-budget horror gem “Five Across the Eyes,” triumphantly return to feature filmmaking with their highly anticipated sophomore effort, “Hunt Her, Kill Her.” Hailing from Tennessee themselves, Swinson and Thiessen have poured their heart and soul into bringing this captivating story to the big screen, and their dedication shines through in the final product. The film’s impressive reception at various film festivals. Furthermore, genre screenings is a testament to their talent and the potential career breakthrough this project may provide them.

At the core of “Hunt Her, Kill Her” are a group of talented, up-and-coming actors who deliver exceptional performances. Moreover, Leading the pack is Natalie Terrazzino, who provides a tour de force portrayal of the ill-fated Karen. In a demanding role that requires her to embody both the vulnerable woman in peril and the determined heroine, Terrazzino shines brightly. Her ability to showcase Karen’s transformation from hunted prey to relentless hunter, from survivor to conqueror, propels the film forward. With this breakout performance, Terrazzino is poised to make a lasting impact in the industry.

In addition to Terrazzino’s standout performance, “Hunt Her, Kill Her” boasts a talented supporting cast. JC Oakley III and Larry Bunton deliver solid performances that complement Terrazzino’s gripping portrayal. Their contributions add depth and complexity to the story, enhancing the film’s overall impact.

With a compelling narrative, skilled direction from Swinson and Thiessen, and a cast of rising stars, “Hunt Her, Kill Her” promises to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. This thrilling cinematic experience showcases the talents of the filmmakers and actors involved and solidifies their positions as emerging forces in the industry. Be prepared to be on the edge of your seat as this relentless, character-driven tale unfolds, establishing “Hunt Her, Kill Her” as a milestone in Swinson and Thiessen’s filmmaking careers.

Everything else we know

Hunt Her, Kill Her” is a gripping thriller that takes audiences on a suspenseful and intense journey. Here’s everything else we know about the movie:

  1. Premise: The story revolves around Karen, a single mother struggling to make ends meet.  As she settles into her routine, masked intruders break into the factory, setting off a deadly game of cat and mouse. Karen must fight for survival, utilizing her wits and resourcefulness to outsmart her assailants.
  2. Filmmakers: “Hunt Her, Kill Her” is the second feature film collaboration between Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen. The duo previously worked together on the low-budget horror film “Five Across the Eyes.” With their return to filmmaking, Swinson and Thiessen demonstrate their dedication and passion for delivering compelling and thrilling storytelling.
  3. Setting: The movie films on location at an operational furniture factory in Morristown, Tennessee. This authentic backdrop enhances the film’s atmosphere, as the once mundane and harmless factory transforms into a treacherous and unsettling environment when darkness falls.
  4. Reception: “Hunt Her, Kill Her” has garnered positive reception at various film festivals and genre screenings. The film’s well-received performances, tense atmosphere, and captivating narrative have resonated with audiences, positioning it as a standout in the genre.
  5. Cast: The film features a cast of relative unknowns who deliver impressive performances. Natalie Terrazzino takes on the lead role of Karen, showcasing her talent in portraying the transformation from a vulnerable victim to a fierce survivor. JC Oakley III and Larry Bunton contribute to the film’s dynamic with their supporting roles, adding depth and complexity to the story.
  6. Thrilling Atmosphere: The movie generates tension through its dense atmosphere and claustrophobic setting. The operational furniture factory, which appears innocuous daily, becomes a terrifying backdrop when shrouded in darkness. The filmmakers skillfully utilize visual effects to enhance the suspense, immersing viewers in a heart-pounding experience.
  7. Potential Career Boost: “Hunt Her, Kill Her” has the potential to propel the careers of filmmakers and cast. The breakout performance by Natalie Terrazzino and the overall quality of the film position it as a significant stepping stone for those involved, opening doors for future opportunities.

With its compelling premise, talented cast, and skilled filmmaking, “Hunt Her, Kill Her” promises to deliver a thrilling and unforgettable cinematic experience. Brace yourself for a relentless battle for survival and a gripping exploration of one woman’s transformation from prey to predator.

The Production of the movie

The production of “Hunt Her, Kill Her” involved a dedicated team working diligently to bring the thrilling story to life. Here are some details about the show:

  1. Directorial Vision: The film gets direction by Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen. Who brought their creative vision and expertise to the project. Drawing from their previous experience in the genre. They crafted a suspenseful and engaging narrative. Plus, ensuring the tension and atmosphere were effectively conveyed on screen.
  2. Collaborative Effort: The production involved collaboration among various departments, including cinematography, production design, costume design, and more. Each department worked together to create a cohesive visual style and atmosphere that enhanced the storytelling and heightened the tension.
  3. Visual Effects: “Hunt Her, Kill Her” features impressive visual effects that contribute to the film’s overall impact. These effects were carefully designed and executed to enhance the suspense and create an immersive experience for the audience.
  4. Production Company: “Hunt Her, Kill Her” was produced by Welcome Villain Films, a newly founded horror genre studio. The production company recognized the film’s potential and provided the necessary support and resources to bring the project to fruition.

The Crux

At its core, “Hunt Her, Kill Her” delves into the harrowing journey of Karen, a single mother who finds herself thrust into a fight for survival during her night shift at a furniture factory. The film’s crux lies in transforming Karen’s character and her evolution from being a vulnerable target to a resilient and resourceful force. This evolution serves as the driving force behind the intense and suspenseful narrative.


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