Unlocking the Mystery: An Overview of Kate Siegel’s ‘Hypnotic’ on Netflix


Are you one of the people who love to study the human mind? Moreover, you will love to explore how the human mind functions. Moreover, you always desire to understand how and why we react to certain situations. While we easily let go of certain things in our life. Plus, unfortunately, you have traumatic events in your childhood or early adulthood that can influence your future life. Questions pop up in almost every other person’s mind. If you are desperately looking for the answers. Then we got a fabulous movie for you. “Hypnotic” it’s one of the must-watch movies.  

Maybe you are thinking right now why it is a must to watch a movie. First, here are the answers to your questions: whenever you face a traumatic event in your life. Plus, if you feel like you have some unhealed wounds. Then surely you must seek professional help. Seeking professional help leads you to have a peaceful life They help you cope and deal with your wounds or any disorder. So, it’s not wrong to say that seeking professional help is very important to lead a healthy life. 

Furthermore, the movie” Hypnotic” shows that choosing the right professional help is very important. If you, unfortunately, come into the hand of the wrong therapist. It can destroy you miserably. So, it is essential to dig out the correct information from the therapist. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help to resolve your unhealed trauma. The only important factor the movie” Hypnotic” highlights. That makes sure you are in safe hands. In this writing, you will learn the most attention-gaining phenomenon of the psychological world. So tighten up your seat belts, folks!

The Storyline of the movie Hypnotic

You will be amazed to know the storyline of the hypnotic. The movie story revolves around the therapist and its clients. However, he is considered one of the best psychologists in the town. He is the talk of the town. However, many people get healed from his therapeutic interventions after getting therapy from him. Patients immediately start to feel like their life is sorted out.

Additionally, the movie Hypnotic shows that the clients get the job if they are jobless after a few sessions with him. In short, it seems like he is the solution to every problem. However, the movie’s main story starts when a couple starts their therapy. They find him the best therapist in the town. Moreover, they felt like they were more happy than before. Plus, their whole life is sorted out. 

The Couple Closest Friend

  • One fine day they organize a party to celebrate their new JJJourney of a happy life. Moreover, the couple invites all their closest friends and relatives. They also invite Jennifer. She is my best friend. However, her life is throwing one challenge after another. She seems to be miserable. She drinks a lot. Moreover, she is unemployed. Plus, her love life also sucks.
  • Moving on, he interacts with the ex-finance when she reaches the party. That seems to be disturbing for her. At this party, she interacts with the most intellectual therapist in the town. They only have a little bit of interaction. Moreover, Jenn’s best friend explains how the doctor helps her and his husband. To bring their life back on track.
  • After the end of the party, Jenn was waiting outside the house of the Uber. Where her ex-brain comes and asks her if he can drop her home. But she refuses to brain-force him as she is drunk. However, Brian and Jenn had sex that night. After getting up in the morning, Jenn regrets that. She runs to her best friend and tells her about the night. Jenn’s best friends try to explain that she needs to start therapy as she has no idea where her life is leading her. However, she agreed to visit Dr Collin to bring her life back on track. Plus, heal her wounds. 

Jenn’s Interaction with Dr Collin

However, Jenn starts her sessions with Doctor Collins. At the first session, Doctor Collin asks her some questions. Moreover, he also asks if she has ever tried hypnotherapy before. As she had never tried hypnotherapy before, so says no has not tried nor wants to try it. Furthermore, the doctor explains to her how the subconscious mind controls our life and how it impacts our life.

Moreover, he also explains to her how hypnotherapy can help her to heal her wounds faster. He asks her to trust him to heal herself. So, she agrees to hypnotherapy. However, after the forest sessions, she gets the job. She starts to feel better. Moreover, she does not go for a second session after getting the job.

One fine day doctor Collins interacts with Jenn in the shopping mall. Moreover, ask her how life is treating her. She tells her that she has got the job. Moreover, she is happy now. But Dr Collins forces her to complete her sessions to heal herself fully.


Dr Collin Hypnotherapy   

For everyone, Dr Collins was the perfect hypnotherapist. But there was something dark behind his hypnotherapy. Jenn started to realize that she had performed certain tasks completely out of her control. She felt this and told her best friends that something weird was going on. Which they are not aware of may be as Jenn has breakfast with her ex-fiance brain.

However, the movie Hypnotic shows how unconsciously she prepares the dinner for the brain, leading him to have a minor heart attack. She suddenly remembers everything. She tells everything to her best friend. At first, her best friend was not ready to face this reality.

Moreover, one fine day the news shows how hypnotic techniques mislead patients. Plus, one hypnotic therapist is making his patients commit some crimes. But no one was ready to believe this. However, Jenn believes this news, goes to her fiance’s brain, and tells her how she unconsciously prepared that dinner. The brain works as a detective in the movie Hypnotic. He also has some suspicions against the doctor, collin but no proof.

Dr Collin Insanity 

However, Jenn tries to explain that the doctor is using hypnotherapy incorrectly. Moreover, she visits some other psychologists to make sure. She trusts the new doctor. The new therapist plants new encounter hypnotherapy suggestions in Jenn’s’s subconscious mind. So that Jenn can’t lose her control and commit any crime.

Furthermore, you must be thinking about why Doctor Collins did all this. However, the movie Hypnotic shows that Jenn resembles the wife of Doctor Collins. Who died many years ago. However, doctor Collins showed her insanity here. She wanted to take complete control of the jEnn life. Moreover, he wants her to act accordingly to her wife. The Brain and Jenn find out this truth. 

Moreover, the brain tries to recuse Jenn from him. But as Jenn was under the control of the doctor colin. He accidentally shoots the brain. The therapist who planted encounter suggestions in Jenn’s mind makes her up when Doctor Collins calls her my love. She ran to save the life of the brain while hitting doctor Collin on the death bed. That’s how the story takes a beautiful ending. They start a relationship again. Brian and Jenn start their new Journey in life.      

The Netflix Thriller Hypnotic Movie

  • In Netflix’s movie-of-the-week thriller “Hypnotic,” hypnosis is a menacing tool that forces people to commit awful acts or perceives themselves as victims of terrible deeds. However, for viewers of “Hypnotic”, it becomes an unrewarding and tedious experience reminiscent of a discarded Halloween offering devoid of tricks or treats, just unappealing fare.
  • This film exemplifies the lackluster content that has unfortunately become prevalent in Netflix’s original movie catalog. These slapdash productions, made on a shoestring budget and churned out en masse, have become the norm for an audience that has grown accustomed to and accepting of such subpar quality. While a limited budget doesn’t necessarily equate to low effort, it’s difficult to discern where any of the energy went in “Hypnotic,” leaving viewers unable to generate enthusiasm. It’s a film about being put to sleep that inadvertently sends its audience there as well.
  • Starring Kate Siegel, who has become something of a regular in Netflix productions, having appeared in her husband Mike Flanagan’s “Haunting of” anthology series, as well as films like “Gerald’s Game” and “Hush” (which she co-wrote), “Hypnotic” follows the story of Jenn, a woman in her thirties struggling to regain control of her life. At a party hosted by her best friend, Jenn encounters the charismatic hypnotherapist Dr Meade, played by Jason O’Mara.
  •  Seeking a solution to her inertia, Jenn initially hesitated but eventually agrees to undergo hypnosis. She wakes up feeling refreshed, but a series of events quickly unveil Dr Meade’s less-than-noble intentions, leaving Jenn to grapple with the consequences of her decision.
  • Overall, “Hypnotic” fails to deliver the desired impact, lacking the necessary engagement and leaving viewers underwhelmed. It’s a missed opportunity to create a compelling thriller that falls short of its potential.

The Crux

The crux of the movie “Hypnotic” revolves around Kate Siegel’s character, Jenn, and her fateful encounter with the hypnotist Dr Meade, played by Jason O’Mara. Jenn, a woman in her thirties grappling with personal struggles, seeks solace and direction through hypnosis. However, as the story unfolds, she becomes aware of Dr Meade’s hidden agenda, and the true nature of his intentions emerges.

At its core, the movie explores the power and manipulation associated with hypnosis. It delves into the terrifying possibility of individuals being compelled to commit heinous acts or being convinced that they are experiencing unimaginable horrors. Jenn’s jJourney becomes a battle for her sanity and freedom as she confronts the dark forces within the world of hypnosis.

Amidst the backdrop of psychological manipulation, the movie also examines themes of trust, self-discovery, and the consequences of choices made under duress. It raises questions about the ethical boundaries of hypnotherapy and the potential dangers lurking beneath its seemingly benign facade.

As Jenn unravels the truth and fights against Dr Meade’s control, the suspense and tension escalate, leading to a climactic showdown where she must find the strength to resist his influence and reclaim her life.

Ultimately, the crux of “Hypnotic” lies in exploring the sinister side of hypnosis, the battle for personal autonomy, and the determination to overcome manipulation and reclaim one’s agency.



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