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“A masterpiece with an iconic performance from Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrence discriminate Agnieszka Smoczynsjas expressive, bold drama based on a real story.”   

“The silent twin” is a famous 2022 biographical film. It’s a drama thriller direct by Agnieszka Smoczynska with an engaging screenplay by Andrea Seigel. It is the adoption of a book with a similar name written by Marjorie Wallace. 

Outclass Performance

The film’s cast has given outclass performance, starring Letitia Wright, Tamara Lawrence, Nadina Marshall, Treva Etienne, Michael Smiley, and Jodhi May. 

The silent twins made their world debut at the 2022 Cannes Film festival and came to the cinemas in the United States on September 16, 2022. Its distribution took place under Focus Features LLC. However, in the United Kingdom, universal pictures released the film on December 9, 2022.

This article will discuss the silent twins’ review, the production, the Plot, and everything. Let’s get right into it. 

Production of Silent twins: the background 

In February 2020, Letitia wright and Tamara Lawrence were present with a contract to star as twin sisters June and Jennifer Gibbons in The Silent Twins. The idea was to adopt a 1986 book with a familiar name by Marjorie Wallace.

Agnieszka Smoczynka came forth to direct and show the book into action with the screenplay by Andrea Seigel. When all was set, on April 8, 2021, focus features took the US distribution right of the movie. Universal Picture, the parent company of Focus features, took the international distribution right. Films principal photograph of the movie took place in Poland. 

The cast of the silent twins 

  • Letitia Wright as June Gibbons 
  • Tamara Lawrence as Jennifer Gibbons 
  • Nadine Marshall as Gloria Gibbons 
  • Treva Etienne as Aubrey Gibbons 
  • Michael Smiley as Tim Thomas 
  • Jack Bandeira as Wayne Kennedy 
  • King Preis 
  • Declan Joyce as George Kennedy

The early life of June and Jennifer Gibbons: the real story 

June and Jennifer were the daughters of immigrants Gloria and Aubrey Gibbons. The family immigrated from Barbados to the united kingdom in the 1960s. Their mother was a housewife, while their father was a technician at Royal Air Force. The couple gave birth to three other kids, Greta, David, and Rosie.

Often June and Jennifer were ostracize at the school, which was traumatizing for the twins affecting them internally. Their language became unintelligible to others to understand. Both the sisters were sent to separate boarding schools to break their isolation, but it was worst, making them catatonic when parte.

When reunite, both got isolate and spent several years in a room playing with dolls. As a present for Sister Rose, they created many plays and stories, reading them aloud on the tape. On Christmas 1979, they received two gift diaries that inspired them to start writing. They enrolled in a creative writing course via mail order, kept copious diaries, and produced several short tales, poems, and novels.

The Silent Twins, a 1986 television drama that aired on BBC2 as part of its Screen two series, and the inside story documentary silent twin- without my shadow, which aired on BBC1 in September 1994, both featured the pair of sisters as the lead roles. Speechless, a play based on Wallace’s book, made its debut in London in 2011.

The Book of “The Silent Twins”

“The Silent Twins” book was publish in 1986 and compose by Marjorie Wallace. The genre of this book is ‘biography,’ and its transformation is ‘Speechless.’ This Book is the fantastic story of June and Jennifer Gibbons, who appeared introverted and isolated yet led a varied life full of creativity. From early childhood till their twenties, They spoke to no one but themselves, an autonomous language, building an elaborate fantasy existence. It has a whooping Rating of 3.7 out of 5 by Goodreads. 

The Plot of the movie

The movie revolves around June and Jennifer Gibbons, the main characters, as the title shows. These welsh twins were born to Caribbean immigrants in the 1960s. After being severely bullied and being the only black family in the white neighborhood, the two began to corner themselves from others and got limit to each other. The film follows showing June (Letitia Wright) and Jennifer (Tamara Lawrence) from early childhood to adulthood.

Isolating from the unkind world, June and Jennifer Gibbons reject communication with everyone, pulling into the fantasy world of art and childhood desires. After destroying or damaging the property inspired by an American teenager whom the teens idolize. Due to this, girls are immediately sentence to Broadmoor Hospital, and it’s an unpopular psychiatric hospital. There, they faced the option to either part ways and lived or die by each other.

They feel betrayed by not only the school and community but also the health and law system. After the arrest, their story soon turns into a modern masterpiece and documentary. The twins have been under surveillance at Broadmoor psychiatric hospital for over a decade. 

It refers to when Wallace (Jodhi May) interviews the sisters. She finds out about the portion of diaries, stories, and poems that the twin sisters had written over the years. These creatives become a transformative opportunity for both twins. Smoczynska wrapped up the story without subtlety in the final act, trying to compensate for the lost time with useless sympathy. Overall, it is an intense and emotional biopic that connects the viewer with the characters and their silence.

How was the film? Expectations.

Throughout the film, a consistent feeling of being at the corner of emotional attachment with the storyline fails to connect the way it is written. The film needed more than portraying the script to grab the audience’s attention, although other factors made the best movies a little unemotional. The film is obsess with making the audience realize about twin’s isolation rather than being curious about it.

The two hours of playtime of “The Silent Twins” is a little less to cover or develop the character of June and Jennifer from childhood to the time they become adults. It seems too fast for a movie with such intensity. You will find the film hopping from one scenario to another without developing a reasonable timeline, without making it vigilant of new entries or caring to relate them with the scenario.

You will find the movie turning with overflowing plot points to execute, leaving the pace of the film to suffer. 

It feels impossible for Wright and Lawrence to save the script ruins with their performance, as it seems challenging to implement the story emotionally in places. Although both actors do justice to what they are given, Smoczynska had tremendous potential in the real-life biography of June Gibbons and Jennifer Gibbons. The themes of race, social development, and the power of sisterly bonds are hardly audible in her writing “The Silent Twins.” In comparison, the film’s visual and symbolic elements are incontrovertibly creative. However, the picture could be more assertive in speaking about the theme.

In the end, “The Silent Twins”‘ attempt to accede the sisters’ siblings’ bond strength and their option to take an unprecedent step of seclusion comes out to be poorly develop.

However, “The silent films” atmosphere deserves appreciation from a balance cool and warm motif to a solid soundtrack that attracts attention. The way it properly showcases the heat and light in the inner world of the twins. At the same time, the world around is calm and brutal. The creative format of animations to depict the inner menologies of June and Jennifer through stop-motions adds magic to the overall script. It is indeed an innovative addition to implement audience intent. 

Audience reviews

On the famous review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, 65% of reviews are incredibly positive, with an average rating of 6.2 out of 10. Another review website Metacritic gives the movie got score of 60 out of 100 due to its mixed critic reviews. Overall the film is a pack of different experiences, and each scene of the movie will make you feel the pain of twins.  

Lucille T from Rotten Tomatoes giving a 5-star review, says, “Incredible film! It explores the life and mental control of two youngsters – fraternal twins – who chose to treat the world with silence instead of communication. It almost feels like it is one person with dual personalities – but – no, it is twins” source:

Box office collection 

The movie was release in 279 theatres, and at the opening weekend, the film successfully collect $103,860. Whereas the all-time box office collection the movie acquired is $205,135.

Wrap up

Even though “The Silent Twins” is audacious, it’s not exceedingly approachable, and some viewers get anxious by the irrational fear it presents as they get impatient with the twins. But a movie about an unbreakable couple should also prove indestructible.

Ultimately, it’s hard to predict how “The Silent Twins” will be view by a general audience. It may appeal to some, and it certainly isn’t your typical movie, but most people will be able to see its value, whether they enjoy it or not.  

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