“The Machine: Release Date, Cast, and Crew Announced”

The Machine

Is there anyone who doesn’t love to watch movies (The Machine) ? If you ask this question to hundreds of people. Most people will say that they love to watch movies no matter what. However, the genre of the film can be different. People’s choices can vary when they select the genre of the film. 

Furthermore, some people love to watch suspense. At the same time, some other people love to watch comedy films. It’s a fact that the choice of movie selection can vary. But if you say that someone does”t  like to watch a movie. So, it’s false.

Moreover, in this Piece of writing, we will talk about one of the most watched awaited movies, “The Machine.” According to the sources, it is based on the true story of a stand-up comedian. The story of that stand-up comedian is full of adventure. The suspense, experience, and mix of comedy stories. This suspenseful story of the stand-up comedian made one of the directors make a movie on it.

However, it is a truly fantastic idea to make such a movie. Suppose we talk about the name of the movie. It comes from the character itself. The character’s friends and buddies used to call him” The Machine.” So, maybe you think that name does not go with movies. Then it would be best if you kept reading this article. To explore how this name of the movie goes with the character’s whole story. Tighten your seat belts. Grab some popcorn.

The Machine

The recent uptick in the popularity of Stand-Up Comedy 

It is not wrong to say there has been a recent storm in the popularity of stand-up comedy. You can see different TV shows programming live streaming of Stand-up comedy. Moreover, people love to watch stand-up comedy to reduce some stress in their life. Suppose we talk about the most famous name in stand-up comedy. That one name will surely pop up in your mind. 

Suppose you are thinking about Bert Kriescher. Then you are thinking, right? The Film”The Machine” is based on the true story of Bert Kriescher. While with some editions. However, he became famous by ripping off his shirts on the stage and drinking Kool-Aid out of a sixteen-ounce Hydro Flask. Plus, he becomes a party animal and loves everyone.

Moreover, if we talk about his fame, getting the nickname “The Machine” Revolves around his story of Russia. The Title “ The Machine” became the movie’s name. Furthermore, he featured Drescher himself as the main character in the film.

The Plot

  • You have a whole idea of what the movie is about. Now if we talk about the film’s main storyline, it comes when he goes on a field trip with his friends in Russia. However, that trip led him to join some ruthless crime syndicate. Moreover, plenty of clips are present online where he is telling his story. But here is a quick summary to let you know the same level. 
  • It starts when he randomly picks up a Russian language class. He says that the professor was desperate to keep the students. Moreover, he gives positive grades to every other student. However, the professor plans a semester in Russia. The Russian mobs mainly controlled the place where the classes were taking place. Plus, protection gets hired in the form of paid-off mobsters.
  • Furthermore, Kreischer, unfortunately, creates a bond with one of the mobs. He knew only a few words in Russia to say. So he just said to the mob.” Hey Im Machine.” He was introducing himself by his nickname. After that, a legend was born. One fine day the mob and Kreischer robbed every other person on the train. It is the catalyst for one of the events in the film.  
  • When he stole things from people on the train. Unfortunately, one of their most sentimental watches was stolen by him. Here, the real story starts as he steals one of the most then-legitimate business people’s watch. He became famous throughout Russia.

The First Trailer

To mark his 50th birthday and the anniversary of his infamous “Machine” story, Bert Kreischer released the first teaser trailer for The Machine on his personal YouTube channel. The trailer is narrated mainly by Irina (played by Iva Babic), the daughter of one of the men whose pocket watch Kreischer stole on the train that fateful day. The theft inspired the man to become a feared leader of a Russian crime family, and Irina tells the story with a straight face, giving a glimpse of Mark Hamill’s character. However, the trailer takes a comedic turn when Kreischer himself is the man Irina is talking to, and he realizes that he’s the reason for her origin story.

The Second Trailer

On February 23rd, Sony Pictures released the second trailer for the upcoming movie “The Machine.” The trailer offers more glimpses into the movie’s raunchy humor through a red band teaser. The footage starts with clips from comedian Bert Kreischer’s viral stand-up routine and then shows more of his backstory, which involves his descent into Russian crime. 

The trailer also features scenes of Bert entertaining guests at his mansion. Plus is surprised by his strict and critical father, Albert Kreischer, the role played by Mark Hamill. However, their reunion is short-lived as Irina, a dangerous criminal, kidnaps Bert and his father. The movie follows their journey as they navigate through the dangerous criminal underworld of Russia and attempt to reconnect with each other.

 Location and Release Date

  • Although filming for the movie “The Machine” is complete and is now in post-production, Legendary Entertainment, the movie’s distributor, did not reveal any information about its release schedule when the second trailer was released. However, on January 5th, 2023, Bert Kreischer himself announced in a hilarious video, revealing the film’s official release date.
  • In a hilarious nod to the death-defying stunts and featurette promotions famously associated with Tom Cruise’s films like Top Gun: Maverick (2022) and the Mission: Impossible franchise, Bert Kreischer released a parody video. The video features Kreischer attempting a dangerous stunt before making a big announcement about his upcoming film, The Machine. Sporting only a helmet, a speed, and roller skates, Kreischer attempts to jump out of a moving vehicle but gets his foot stuck under the car’s wheel, allegedly breaking his toes. 
  • Despite the injury, Kreischer soldiers announced that The Machine is exclusively released in theaters on Thursday, May 25th, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. The humorous video ends with Kreischer signing off with the message “See you at the movies” before heading to urgent care to get his foot checked out.

The Cast

Let’s see what cast members hold the famous movie.

  • Kriecher is the main character by himself. But according to him, he is happy as some significant actors will be working with him in the film.
  • Moreover, if we talk about the father of the Kriescher character in the movie, Hamil is reportedly going to play the nature of his father. Plus, stand-up comedy fans get erratic when they learn that Mark Hamil is joining the cast. He gets considered the top-secret cast member of the project. 
  • The upcoming movie, The Machine, will feature a talented ensemble cast in addition to the lead actor, Bert Kreischer. 
  • Notably, Iva Babic, who starred in The Last Serb in Croatia, will have a significant supporting role in the film. 
  • Other notable actors, such as Jimmy Tatro from American Vandal, will join Babic,
  •  Martyn Ford from F9: The Fast Saga
  •  Jess Gabor from Shameless, Mercedes De La Cruz from Bates Motel
  • Robert Maaser from 1917, Amelie Child Villiers from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and Stephanie Kurtzuba from The Irishman.


Aside from his lead role in the film, Bert Kreischer will also serve as the executive producer for The Machine. The creative team is being led by director Peter Atencio (Keanu). At the same time, the screenplay is being co-written by Kevin Biegel (Cougar Town) and Scotty Landes (Workaholics), based on Kreischer’s own story.

The production crew is made up of a talented group of individuals, including:

  • A composer Joseph Trapanese (The Greatest Showman)
  • Cinematographer Eigil Bryld (In Bruges)
  • editor Eleanor Infante (Late Night)
  • production designer Aaron Osborne (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
  • costume designer Ivana Vasic (The Deal).

The complete list of producers and executive producers credited with the project includes: 

  • Maxim Ajjawi, Peter Atencio, Cale Boyter, Jonathan English, Natalie Haak Flores, Judi Marmel
  • Reg Tigerman, Valerie Flueger Veras, Philip Waley, and Sergey Yahontov. 

The Machine is a joint production of Shaken Not Stirred and Balkanic Media. For a comprehensive list of crew credits, please follow this link.

Final Thoughts

It is not wrong to say that the Film” The Machine” is a movie worth watching as it does not hold a fictional story. The story of the movie starts with actual incidents. That makes the film more interesting to watch. Moreover, who are true fans of stand-up comedy? They truly know the importance of this movie as it casts the true story of the star Kriescher. However, if you are not a fan of stand-up comedy. Still, this movie is worth watching. Make sure to also mark this movie also in your list.

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