The 355 Movie Cast, Trailer, and Review


Simon Kinberg


January 7, 2022


Édgar Ramírez, Sebastian Stan, Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, Fan Bingbing, Penélope Cruz.


Three international agents are sent on a dangerous mission to retrieve a top-secret weapon that has slipped into the hands of mercenaries. On top of that, they have to avoid being tracked by a weird woman.

For CIA operative Mason “Mace” Brown, the task of recovering a top-secret weapon from mercenaries falls to rival powerful German spy Marie, former MI6 friend Khadijah, and brilliant Colombian psychiatrist Graciela. They’re also being pursued by Lin Mi Sheng, a weird woman. The film is also rated R due to the language and violence that is shown in it. From Parisian cafés to Moroccan market stalls to Shanghai’s opulence and glitter, the four women will ally that may rescue the world or get them killed.

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