“Nicolas Cage saddles up for ‘The Old Way’: A lackluster Western”

The Old Way

Saddle up, folks! A new Western movie has arrived, and Nicolas Cage leads the way in “The Old Way.” But is it worth your time? As a fan of classic westerns and Cage’s performances, I couldn’t resist diving into this familiar yet forgettable film. Join me as we explore the plot, setting, cast, cinematography, and music of “The Old Way”. To see if it lives up to its genre’s iconic standards.

What is the old way movie about

“The Old Way” follows an iconic Western plotline centered on revenge and redemption. Nicolas Cage plays the role of Colton Briggs.A former gunslinger seeking to leave his violent past behind and live in peace. But when he receives news of his estranged son’s death at the hands of a ruthless outlaw gang. Briggs is forced back into action.

As he sets out on a dangerous journey to track down those responsible for his son’s murder. Briggs forms an unlikely alliance with another gunslinger named Moses (played by Luke Benward). Together, they confront their shared pasts and battle against evil forces that threaten to tear apart their lives.

The film features classic Western themes such as honour, loyalty, and justice. while introducing modern elements like diverse characters and nuanced portrayals of masculinity. With breathtaking landscapes and intense shootouts. “The Old Way” may not reinvent the genre but offers an enjoyable ride for fans craving gun-slinging action.

The Old Way

Nicolas Cage’s performance

Nicolas Cage is one of the most eclectic actors in Hollywood, and his performance in “The Old Way” proves it. Throughout the movie, he delivers a convincing portrayal of Rudy Hayes. A notorious outlaw who seeks redemption after spending years behind bars.

Cage’s performance is marked by his ability to capture the essence of his character. He portrays Rudy as a complex individual with a troubled past. but also shows how he tries to make amends for his mistakes through acts of kindness and compassion.

One notable aspect of Cage’s acting in this film is his use of body language. He conveys emotions and motives through subtle gestures such as:

  • facial expressions 
  • hand movements
  • adding depth to his already nuanced character.

Moreover, Cage delivers many powerful monologues throughout the movie that showcase his acting talent and highlight the central themes of the plot.

Nicolas Cage’s performance in “The Old Way” adds another feather to an impressive cap. His portrayal keeps viewers engaged and invested in Rudy Hayes’ story from the beginning to the end.

The movie’s plot

The plot of “The Old Way” is a classic Western tale of revenge and redemption. Nicolas Cage plays Colton Briggs, a former gunslinger who has retired to a quiet life on his ranch with his family. However, when his estranged son is kidnapped by a ruthless gang led by the infamous Santo (played by Luke Benward), Colton must confront his past and set out on a dangerous journey across the frontier to save him.

Along the way, he teams up with three unlikely allies – an ex-slave named Isaiah (Cory Hardrict), a Native American tracker named Nakoma (Alexandria DeBerry), and an outlaw-turned-preacher named Jesse (Noah Le Gros) – as they face off against bandits, bounty hunters, and other dangers lurking in the wild west.

Despite its familiar storyline, some surprises await viewers as they follow Colton’s quest for justice. The movie also explores themes of forgiveness, redemption, and family bonds that add depth to what could have been just another run-of-the-mill Western flick.

The movie’s setting

The setting of “The Old Way” is a character in itself, adding depth and authenticity to the film’s Western genre. The movie takes place in the late 1800s, in the Arizona Territory, specifically in a remote town called Red River.

The dusty streets and wooden storefronts bring viewers back to a time when life was harsh and unforgiving. The barren landscape, with its rocky canyons and vast deserts, adds to the isolation that permeates the story.

Red River is an isolated hub for outlaws, gunslingers, and other unsavory characters looking to make their way westward. There is no law or justice; only survival of the fittest rules in this town. It’s evident from the moment Cage walks into town that he knows what danger awaits him.

The cinematography captures every nuance of this foreboding setting with sweeping shots over rugged landscapes contrasted by tight closeups- emphasizing tension as it builds between characters. Overall, “The Old Way” transports viewers back to when lawlessness ruled supreme on America’s frontier.

The movie’s cast

  • The cast of “The Old Ways” features some familiar faces, but unfortunately, their performances fail to elevate the forgettable plot. Nicolas Cage leads the cast as Colton Briggs, a former gunslinger turned farmer seeking revenge against a criminal gang that killed his wife.
  • Cage’s performance is decent but lacks the energy and intensity he is known for. He delivers his lines subduedly and seems to be going through the motions rather than fully immersing himself in the role.
  • Another notable cast member is Frank Grillo, who plays Guerrero de la Cruz, an outlaw hired by Briggs to help him track down his wife’s killers. Grillo brings some much-needed charisma and swagger to his character, but ultimately, he falls victim to lackluster writing.
  • Other actors in supporting roles include Ron Perlman as The Dutchman and Jake Horowitz as Moses Brings Plenty. While both have moments where they shine on screen, their characters are underdeveloped and ultimately forgettable.
  • While “The Old Way” boasts a talented cast on paper, they cannot overcome weak material and uninspired direction.

The movie’s cinematography

The cinematography in “The Old Way” is one of its strongest aspects. The movie’s landscapes are breathtaking, and the camera work captures them beautifully. From dusty deserts to rugged mountains, the film showcases a wide range of natural scenery that transports viewers directly into the heart of the Old West.

Throughout the movie, numerous well-crafted shots capture action and emotion equally. One standout scene involves Nicolas Cage’s character facing down a group of bandits at sunset; it’s shot so skillfully that you can almost feel the tension rising with each passing second.

Aside from its stunning visuals, “The Old Way” also employs clever framing techniques to tell its story effectively. Director Brian Hanson often uses closeups and medium shots to focus on characters’ facial expressions and reactions during key moments, adadding depth to their performances.

The cinematography in “The Old Way” does justice to its classic Western genre while still feeling fresh and modern. It elevates an otherwise forgettable film into something worth watching for any cinephile or fan of the Wild West era.

The movie’s music

  • The music in “The Old Way” is integral to the movie’s overall atmosphere. Composed by Laurent Eyquem, the soundtrack perfectly captures the gritty and rugged nature of the Wild West.
  • From haunting melodies to intense action themes, each track complements its corresponding scene flawlessly. Using traditional instruments such as guitar and harmonica adds an authentic touch to the score, transporting viewers into a different period.
  • One standout moment is during a tense shootout scene where the music builds suspense before climaxing alongside the action on-screen. In contrast, quieter moments are accompanied by softer tunes that convey emotion without overpowering dialogue or sound effects.
  • Overall, “The Old Way” boasts an impressive musical score that enhances every moment on-screen. Whether it’s adding tension to dangerous situations or conveying character emotions, Eyquem’s composition is a valuable asset to this Western adventure.


After experiencing “The Old Way,” it’s no surprise that this Western movie is familiar and forgettable. Despite having a talented cast, led by Nicolas Cage, the film struggles to make an impact with its predictable plot and clichéd characters.

While some well-shot scenes capture the beauty of New Mexico’s landscapes, it’s not enough to lift this movie out of its mediocrity. The music score also fails to leave any lasting impression.

In conclusion, “The Old Way” may appeal to die-hard fans of Westerns looking for a quick fix without much substance. However, for those seeking more depth and originality in their movies, there are better options available.


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