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Fear The Walking Dead

Fans of AMC’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead” were in for a treat when the show aired its seventh season finale on April 4th. After months of buildup, the thrilling conclusion left viewers with plenty to discuss. The episode is full of twists and turns, with no shortage of shocks, surprises, and moments that will be talked about long after the credits roll. In this post, we’ll look at some of the biggest highlights from the season 7 finale and analyse why it was such a success. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready to dive into an epic finale for one of cable television’s most popular shows!

Moreover, Fear the Walking Dead has ended after a wild ride of seven seasons. The finale episode was one for the record books, a thrilling, heart-wrenching conclusion that left fans with more questions than answers. The season 7 finale gets mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, with some praising its ending and others deeming it too rushed and unsatisfying. In this blog post, we’ll review the episode, analysing its plot points and themes while examining what made it such an exceptional—and sometimes controversial—ending to a beloved series.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ season 7 finale recap

The seventh and final season of “Fear The Walking Dead” ended last night with an action-packed finale that left fans on the edge of their seats.

  • The episode begins with Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Morgan (Lennie James) leading the group to safety after escaping from Virginia (Colby Minifie). However, their plans quickly derailed when Virginia’s forces caught up to them.
  • A brutal battle ensues, killing or capturing many group members. In the end, Alicia and Morgan lefts one standing.
  • They eventually return to Virginia’s compound, where they rescue the rest of their friends and kill Virginia for good. With the threat finally gone, the group can finally start rebuilding their lives.
  • The finale was a fitting end to the series, full of highs and lows over its seven-season run. While it may not have ended as positively as some fans would have liked, it nonetheless wrapped up the story satisfactorily.

What happened in the season 7 finale?

In the season 7 finale of “Fear The Walking Dead”, Madison (Kim Dickens) and her group finally arrive at the Broke Jaw Ranch. There, they find that Walker (Michael Greyeyes) and his men have taken over the ranch and are holding people captive. While trying to rescue the captives, Madison gets arrested by Walker and taken to a remote location. There, she learns that he plans to use her as bait to lure in Nick (Frank Dillane) so that he can kill him.

Meanwhile, Nick has been living with a group of Native Americans led by Qaletaqa Walker (Daniel Sharman). When he learns that Madison is with the walker, he sets out to rescue her with the help of his new friends. They eventually find her, but not before Walker starts his plan to lure Nick into a trap. However, Nick’s friends help him escape, and they all flee back to the safety of the ranch.

Once there, Nick confronts Madison about always putting herself in danger. The two have a heart-to-heart conversation in which they both admit they need each other. Afterwards, Nick tells Madison he is leaving the group to go off alone. She tries to stop him, but he says goodbye and leaves anyway.

The season ends with Nick walking alone through the wilderness, while flashbacks show various moments from his time with Madison’s group.

The Plot 

According to the people, the season 7 plot wastes time.  However, exploring a radiated wasteland is already taken by the zombies to get higher than ever. 

Moreover, when the character of the Maldivian returns, it becomes a total waste of the season.  According to the people, the nature of Madison spoils the whole season. But it’s not the fault of the director. Of course, it’s the fault of the direction and the writer. Maybe they think that returning the Madison will make people happy. However, things get the opposite. 

According to some people, they only came to watch the next season due to the show for a sliver of Madison Easter eggs. This scene is before the location of the return of the Madison Character.  Plus, the second half of the season suffers from all the retiring characters of Madison. Moreover, the tower storyline could be more attractive. In the end, the spike of the Padre makes the headline’s on the show. However, the Mayer try comes and goes and is largely unspoken for many episodes.

 Review of the season 7 finale

  • The season 7 finale of Fear the Walking Dead ended with a time jump that saw the group arriving at Virginia’s settlement. The episode gets packed with action and finishes with a massive reveal about Virginia’s past. Here’s a review of the season 7 finale:
  • The episode starts with the group arriving at Virginia’s settlement. They were all shocked to see that it was a well-organized community. They tour the community and meet some people who live there. One of the residents, named Cooper, showed them around.
  • The group goes to meet Virginia, the leader of the community. She told them they were welcome to stay, but she needed to know more about them first. She asked about their skills and what they could offer to the community.
  • Later, Virginia took Alicia and Nick aside to talk to them about their parents. She told them that their parents had died in a car accident, but she didn’t want to tell them how she knew this information. She said it would be better for them to find out independently.
  • Afterwards, Virginia took Morgan aside and asked him about his experience with leadership. He told her he had led a group of survivors during the outbreak and eventually lost them all. He also tells her how to get caught by Reedus’ group and escape.

What to expect in season 8

The group finally faces the Whisperers in the season 8 finale of Fear The Walking Dead. After a long, dangerous journey, they are finally ready to take on this new threat.

The season finale was full of action and suspense, leaving us wondering what would happen next. Here are some things to expect in season 8:

  1. The group will continue to fight the Whisperers.
  2. More information gets revealed about the Whisperers and their plans.
  3. The group will face new challenges and obstacles.
  4. We will see more of the group’s dynamic as they work together to survive.
  5. There will be surprises that we never saw coming.

What Does the Future Hold for Fear of The Walking Dead?

The future of “Fear The Walking Dead” is shrouded in mystery, but that’s part of the fun. The show has been a massive success for AMC, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The season finale left us with many questions, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Here are a few things we’re hoping to see in the next season:

  • More of the back story. We’ve only gotten glimpses of how the world ended like this, and we want to know more.
  • The return of some fan-favourite characters must be present in future seasons. We miss a few people and would love to see them again.
  • More zombie action. This is a show about zombies, and we can never get enough.
  • Some answers to our questions. We’ve got a lot of theories about what’s going on, and we need some confirmation (or denial) from the creators.
  • We can’t wait to see the future for “Fear The Walking Dead.” It’s sure to be another exciting season full of surprises.


The season 7 finale of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ was a fantastic way to close out this thrilling series. It gave us a satisfying end to many storylines and left us with many questions about what could happen in future seasons. Fans have come to know and love each character over time, so watching them go off on their journeys is bittersweet. With that in mind, we hope these characters find a haven and make it through whatever lies ahead.

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