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Like most people, you’ve been watching Law and Order since the 90s. But have you ever wondered why it’s called Law and Order?

Well, it’s because they’re not just law and order—they’re also a crime! When you watch Law and Order on Netflix, don’t just assume that it’s just a bunch of episodes about crimes happening. There is so much more behind the scenes: drama Serial, love triangles, comedy—all of it!

New York-based Drama Series Law And Order

The New York Police Department’s Special Victims Unit is a hard-hitting drama examining the city’s toughest cases. This long-running franchise has been filming in New York since its first season in 1999, and it has won multiple awards for its depiction of the challenges facing law enforcement officers who risk their lives daily.

In “Law and Order: SVU,” you’ll see what riding with detectives is like when they’re called out to investigate sexual assault cases. The show follows detectives from the Special Victims Unit as they investigate crimes against women, children, and men (yes, even men!). They work their way through the evidence and interrogate suspects in order to find justice for victims.

You might be wondering how much it costs to watch “Law and Order: SVU.” You can stream all 20 seasons on Amazon Prime Video for just $99 per year!

Law And Order: Top-rated drama on TV

It’s the top-rated drama serial on TV, and it’s easy to see why. Something about the way Law & Order casts its narrative makes it impossible to look away. As soon as you meet the first suspect, you know he’s going down—and then you watch as he tries to figure out who killed him and how.

It’s a classic whodunit: the story of a crime (usually murder) told from multiple points of view. But what makes this show stand out is its commitment to authenticity—the writers work hard to ensure all the details are perfectly accurate. Every episode follows real-life legal procedure, so if you’re watching for the first time and don’t know what’s going on with all those attorneys and judges, remember: it’s all real!

If you’ve been craving a good mystery but haven’t found one that fits your taste yet, Law & Order is here for you. Watch as every episode unravels with suspenseful twists in every direction—and try not to get addicted!

A Little History Of The Serial Law And Order

Law and Order is an New York drama television series that premiered on NBC on September 13, 1990. Dick Wolf created it as the first spin-off of another long-running NBC drama series, Miami Vice, which also starred Michael Chiklis. The franchise has since grown to include two additional television series (and two more in development), three spin-off films, and a crime video game franchise.

The show’s first four seasons were co-produced with the Canadian company Alliance Atlantis Communications; the original executive producers were Wolf, Tom Fontana, and Peter Jankowski. In 2000, Universal acquired the rights to Law & Order’s initial seven seasons (known as “Univeral’s Quality Control” episodes).

There are over 500 episodes of Law & Order. The show has won several awards over its run, including Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Sam Waterston), Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Steven Bochco), Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (Dick Wolf and David Milch) and Best Television Movie or Miniseries (Law & Order: Criminal Intent).

Filming of Law And Order

With the recent announcement of Law and Order’s twentieth season, there’s no better time to look at the filming locations used by the show.

Law and order are one of the longest-running crime dramas on television, currently airing its twentieth season. The show follows an elite team of detectives investigating serious crimes within New York City. It has won numerous awards for its writing and acting, including one Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series—a first for a police procedural drama.

The show’s main setting is the fictionalized version of Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood called “Gotham.” The creators modeled this area after New York’s Chinatowns but adjusted it to be denser with high-rise apartment buildings and less open space than its real-life counterparts. The series also takes place in other parts of New York City, including Brooklyn and Queens, as well as some locations outside of the city, such as Long Island and Yonkers, NY.

The first season took place entirely within Manhattan, while later seasons have included scenes shot at various locations throughout NYC, including Brooklyn Bridge Park; Battery Park; Midtown Tunnel; Times Square (where they filmed scenes for both “Manhattan” and “Brooklyn”); Central Park.

An Overview of the Show

Law and Order: SVU is one of the longest-running crime dramas in television history. Since its premiere in 1999, the show has been nominated for over 250 awards and won dozens of them. The show has also spawned two spin-offs: Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Law & Order: LA. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit follows the detectives working in the Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department’s 19th precinct as they investigate cases involving sex crimes, child abuse, and other offenses. The show usually ends with a twist or surprise ending that allows viewers to see how different characters relate to each other and their situations.

Law And Order Show Format

Law and Order is a long running crime drama series that has been on air since 1990. The show is based on the real-life experiences of New York City Police Department detectives, prosecutors, and criminalists as they investigate and prosecute crimes in Manhattan.

The show’s format has changed a lot over the years but still follows the same formula: each episode starts with a crime scene discovered by law enforcement or civilians. The detectives then work to solve the case by interviewing witnesses, looking for evidence at the crime scene, and questioning suspects in custody. Once all of their leads have been exhausted, they’ll present their findings to a prosecutor who decides whether or not there’s enough evidence to file charges against someone.

If there is enough evidence to charge someone with a crime, then an arraignment will occur where they’ll either be released on bail or held without bond until their trial date arrives.

If they’re not arraigned, they’ll be released until their trial date arrives, when they’ll either be found guilty or innocent by a jury of their peers, depending on whether or not there was enough evidence presented during trial proceedings (or lack thereof).

Why Should You Watch Law And Order?

If you’re looking for a show to watch with your family or if you just want to see what all the hype is about, Law & Order is a great choice.

With 20 seasons and 590 episodes, it’s no wonder why Law & Order has become one of the most popular television shows. It’s also one of the longest-running shows in history!

The first season was released in 1990 but took a 10-year break before returning for two more seasons between 1999 and 2001. After that, it was back for good, starting with Season 13, which started airing in September 2005. And since then, it has always been airing new episodes. The current season is Season 20, which began airing in September 2018 and will continue through June 2020 (for six seasons).

Law & Order is based on an original idea by Dick Wolf, who also created other popular shows like Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., Ice Cold Killers: Who Killed These Women? etc…

More Seasons Like Law And Order.

As a fan of Law and Order, you know that it’s not just the best crime show to watch—it’s also an essential part of your life.

You’ve watched every episode at least twice and memorized all the characters’ names and faces. Do you know what happens when someone gets shot in the head or when a victim is found beaten to death with a baseball bat? You can tell from a mile away which character will be the murderer. And you’re always on the edge of your seat waiting for that final scene where everyone stands in front of the DA’s office and talks about what happened next.

But what if there were more seasons like Law and Order? What if we could be as invested in other shows as we are with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? Do we think it’s time for another TV shows like this one— The Good Wife? Or Suits? Or even Criminal Minds? These shows are just as good as Law and Order, maybe even better. And they deserve more seasons too!


In conclusion, Law and Order is a great show that has stood the test of time. It has been on the air for over 20 years and is still as popular as ever. The show has managed to stay relevant by blending classic themes with new ideas and always delivers a compelling story every week.

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