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Get ready to put on your blue suede shoes and get all shaken because the King is returning to the big screen! That’s right, Elvis Presley was getting his movie in 2022, and fans of the rock ‘n’ roll legend are already counting down the days. With an exciting cast that includes some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, a thrilling storyline based on actual events from Elvis’ life, and plenty of heart-pumping music and dance numbers, this movie promises to be one for the ages. So let’s dive into all the details about what we can expect from this highly anticipated film – from its release date to its budget to its critical reception – in our comprehensive guide to “Elvis Movie (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster Trailer.”

The Release Date

  • Fans eagerly wait for the release of the Elvis movie after the announcement. The good news is that the wait is almost over. The film is set to hit theaters in June 2022.
  • Initially scheduled for release in October 2021, the date gets postponed due to production delays caused by COVID-19 restrictions. However, fans can now mark their calendars and prepare for an unforgettable cinematic experience.
  • The release dates may vary depending on location and local Covid restrictions. Nevertheless, what remains constant is that this highly anticipated biopic will capture audiences around the world. Moreover, with its compelling story and phenomenal cast.
  • With just a few months left until we finally see Austin Butler bring the King of Rock n Roll back to life on screen. Anticipation continues to build among die-hard Elvis fans eager to glimpse his extraordinary life story.
  • As we count towards June 2022, let’s continue watching out for new updates about this iconic film’s progress as it approaches its much-awaited premiere.


The storyline of the upcoming Elvis movie is highly anticipated by fans and critics alike. The film will follow the life of one of the most iconic musicians in history. That follows from humble beginnings to fame as a rock ‘n’ roll legend.

The story will focus on the early years of Elvis Presley’s career. When he was just starting as a young man with dreams of making it big in music. Viewers can expect to see how he navigated the challenges and obstacles that came along while pursuing his passion.

The film promises to explore not only Elvis’s musical journey. But also his personal life, including his relationships and struggles with fame. It aims to give audiences an inside look at who Elvis was beyond being an unforgettable performer.

With director Baz Luhrmann at the helm, viewers can expect a visually stunning and emotionally compelling portrayal of this cultural icon’s life story. From start to finish, “Elvis” is a must-see for anyone interested in music history or simply looking for an entertaining cinematic experience.


  • The Elvis movie set to release in 2022 is highly anticipated by fans of the King of Rock and Roll. The film features Austin Butler as Elvis Presley, with Tom Hanks portraying his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.
  • Many are curious how the film will portray the legendary musician’s life story. Will it be a faithful adaptation or take creative liberties? It remains to be seen, but early reviews suggest that viewers can expect an emotional and captivating performance from Butler.
  • The trailer showcases stunning visuals and hints at a compelling storyline. That promises to delve deeper into Elvis’ struggles and rise to fame. As for Hanks’ portrayal of Colonel Parker, viewers get anxious to see how this iconic character is brought to life on the big screen.
  • The upcoming Elvis movie has generated significant buzz among fans and critics alike. With talented actors leading the pack, powerful storytelling, and impressive production value. 

Poster and trailer

The poster and trailer for the upcoming Elvis movie have been highly anticipated by fans worldwide. The official poster features actor Austin Butler, who portrays  Presley in the film. He clad in a white jumpsuit with his signature pompadour hairstyle.

The poster’s design gives off a vintage vibe while maintaining a modern look. Fans can also expect to see iconic symbols and references to Presley’s music career incorporated into the overall design.

The trailer gets the description of an emotional rollercoaster that captures both Presley’s rise to fame and personal struggles. The trailer showcases Butler’s impressive transformation into “The King” alongside co-stars Olivia DeJonge (Priscilla Presley) and Tom Hanks (Colonel Tom Parker).

It is evident from teaser images and trailers that this biopic is not just about Elvis’ musical accomplishments. But also delves deep into his complex personality. Fans eagerly await its release on November 5th, 2021, hoping it will do justice to one of music’s greatest legends – Elvis Presley.

Budget and collection

  • The budget and collection of a movie are always fascinating topics to discuss. The movie gets the production for quite some time, and fans can’t wait to see it on the big screen.
  • According to reports, the film’s budget is around $90 million. It’s no surprise that such a massive amount was spent, considering the level of detail that goes into creating a biopic about one of music’s greatest icons.
  • As for collections, it’s hard to predict how much money this movie will make at the box office. However, given Elvis Presley’s popularity worldwide, there is no doubt that it would attract many viewers.
  • The success of movies usually depends on factors like marketing strategies and critical reception. Therefore, we’ll have to wait until its release date before making any conclusions about its potential earnings.
  • Regardless of how much gets earn from ticket sales or streaming services later on. Fans will still flock to theaters eagerly anticipating an epic retelling of their hero’s life story.

Elvis Movies (2022) Cast & Crew

The upcoming Elvis movie is generating much buzz in the entertainment industry. Fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite icon’s life story portrayed on the big screen once again. The cast and crew of this much-awaited film are carefully selected to ensure that they deliver an outstanding performance.

The lead role of  Presley gets play by Austin Butler, who has previously appeared in movies such as “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” and TV shows like “The Carrie Diaries.” Playing opposite him is Olivia DeJonge, who portrays Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ wife.

Other notable names among the cast include Tom Hanks, Rufus Sewell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Yola. This ensemble of talented actors promises to bring depth and nuance to their respective roles.

Behind the camera, Baz Luhrmann is famous for his work on popular films such as “Moulin Rouge!”.”The Great Gatsby.” With Luhrmann at the helm, we can expect a visually stunning film with incredible attention given even to minor details.

Everyone in this project gets together for one goal. However, creating a memorable tribute to one of music’s greatest legends. We’re excited for what’s in store when Elvis hits theaters next year!

The Elvis Movie

  • The upcoming movie is set to release on June 3, 2022. Fans of the King of rock and roll have been eagerly waiting for this biopic that will explore the life and career of one of the most iconic musicians in history.
  • The story follows the early years of Elvis Presley’s rise to fame, from his humble beginnings as a struggling musician in Memphis to his breakthrough success with Sun Records. The film will also explore his personal life, including his relationship with his wife, Priscilla Presley.
  • As it hasn’t been released yet, reviews are still pending, but fans are already buzzing about Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis and Tom Hanks’ performance as Colonel Tom Parker. It seems like there is much excitement surrounding this movie adaptation.
  • The official poster features an intense close-up shot of Austin Butler as Elvis, perfectly capturing the character’s essence. As for trailers, there have been two so far – both incredibly promising glimpses at what audiences can expect from the movie.
  • There has been no official announcement regarding budget details just yet. As for the collection, only time will tell how well it performs at the box office, but considering its subject matter and a star-studded cast list, we can expect big numbers.


What to Expect From The Movie?

Fans should expect a captivating retelling of one of music’s most beloved icons brought to life by talented actors working together to bring their best performances forward while trying not to mess up such an important story.


How Does This Compare To Other Elvis Movies?

This biographical drama film’s main focus is on the young days. That makes it stand out among other movies made on or inspired by him since many previous adaptations were more focused on the latter part, focusing mainly on the Las Vegas era.

The main Characters

  • The cast of “Elvis Movie (2022)” is enough to make any movie lover weak in the knees. The titular role is played by Austin Butler, a rising star famous for his performances in “The Dead Don’t Die” and “Once Upon a Hollywood.” Tom Hanks will join him, portraying Elvis’ legendary manager Colonel Tom Parker. Hanks has already earned rave reviews for his performance during filming, with many predicting that he could make an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.
  • But the cast doesn’t end there – Olivia DeJonge will play Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ wife and longtime love interest. Meanwhile, Luke Bracey and Richard Roxburgh will portray Jerry Schilling and Sam Phillips, respectively. Other notable actors joining the ensemble include Kelvin Harrison JrDavid Wenham, Kate Mulvaney, Dacre Montgomery, Natasha Bassett, Xavier Samuel, and more.

The Crux

With such a talented group of performers coming together on one project – not to mention a director as accomplished as Baz Luhrmann at the helm – it’s no wonder that fans eagerly anticipate this film’s release. Stay tuned for more updates about what promises to be one of 2022’s most exciting movies!


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