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Are you the one who loves to travel? But you have some phobia of what if the plan goes crashing. What will be the result? You think that you will die. In that fera you start avoiding traveling. However, at the same time, traveling is your dream. But you can’t overcome your fear. On the same hand,, you can’t simply let go of your plan of Travelling. The movie”Plane” describes how it can help you cope with your fear.

Moreover, psychology explains that when a person gets exposure to their fear. While using exposure therapy can help the person cope with worries. Plus, the plane movie can help you to cope with your anxiety. However, let your traveling dream come true. Plus, if you are a true movie lover. 

Additionally, you have the fear to cope with. So surely this movie should be on your watchlist. Not only will it help you enjoy the film. Besides that, it will also give you exposure to how you can cope with your fear. Without a doubt, the plane is one of the most worthy-watching movies. Moreover, it’s a movie worth watching for people who love to manage any movie genre. Folks, get ready to go on an adventure. 


What is the movie about?

  • The most amazing thing is that the plane movie is not only full of terrifying scenes. However, the film is full of action scenes. That makes the film worth watching. Additionally, the plane movie revolves around the setting. Moreover, the movie follows a pilot named Brodie Torrance. The Movie gets the description of the “white Knuckle action movie”. 
  • Moreover, the movie follows the story. That tests the pilot Brodie’s skills when the plane gets hit by the storm. All the passengers in the movie plane were horrified. However, it puts the pilot skills to the test. That is how he makes his abilities used to save the lives of the passengers. Plus, he tries his best to save the lives of the passengers. 
  • He thinks people’s lives rely on his ability to operate the plane during the storm. Moreover, when the aircraft is hit by lightning,  Lionsgate’s “Plane” is an intense action film that revolves around Brodie Torrance, a commercial pilot facing a severe storm that puts his flying skills to the test. The situation worsens when the plane is struck by lightning, forcing Brodie to land immediately. 
  • However, little did he know that the crash was just the beginning of a harrowing ordeal. The plane crashes onto Jolo Island, which the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group controls. Brodie must now protect his passengers and crew, who the militants have taken hostage. In this dangerous situation, Brodie finds an unexpected ally in Louis Gaspare, a passenger being deported for murder. Together, they must work against all odds to survive the difficult situation.       

The Cast

Gerard Butler takes the lead role in “Plane” as Brodie Torrance. The pilot is facing a dangerous situation. Butler is a famous face in the action film genre. He played notable roles in “300” as King Leonidas and Secret Service Agent Mike Banning in the “Olympus Has Fallen” franchise. Speaking to Vulture, Butler expressed his love for films with ordinary heroes on the hero’s journey.

Mike Colter co-stars as Louis Gaspar, an extradited passenger on the plane. Colter is recognized for his title roles in the Marvel series “Luke Cage”.Moreover, he appears in “Jessica Jones” and “The Defenders.” He plays the role of the  Lemond Bishop in “The Good Wife” and “The Good Fight.”

Daniella Pineda portrays Bonnie, the head flight attendant. Pineda is famous for playing Zia Rodriguez in “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”.More recently, its sequel “Jurassic World Dominion” and Faye Valentine featured in the live-action reboot of “Cowboy Bebop” on Netflix.

Tony Goldwyn plays Scarsdale, a former Special Forces operative attempting to save the passengers and crew. Goldwyn is recognized for his performances as Paul Cohen in the Oscar-winning film “King Richard,” and Fitz Grant in “Scandal.”Plus, Andrew Prior is in the “Divergent” series.

Yoson An also stars as Officer Dele. He previously appeared in Disney’s live-action “Mulan” remake and possessed a martial arts training background.

Who is Making the movie?

The Plane” is helmed by French director, producer, and screenwriter Jean-François Richet. Plus, he is famous for his acclaimed 1995 film “Inner City.” Which earned him the Cesar Award for Best Debut Film. Richet also directed other notables. That includes the movie “The Emperor of Paris” in 2018 and “Blood Father” in 2016.

The screenplay for “Plane” was penned by Charlie Cummings and J.P. Davis. Cummings, who initially came up with the concept for the film, is a celebrated spy novelist. He is famous for works such as “A Spy by Nature,” “The Trinity Six,” and “A Foreign Country.” On the other hand, Davis is an American screenwriter who previously wrote the script for the indie film “Fighting Tommy Riley.”The Plane movie gets produced by Lorean, Mark Vahradian, Marc Butan, and leading man Gerard Butler.

The Trailer of the Plane Movie

The highly anticipated action-thriller film “Plane” was released on October 26, 2022. It is accompanied by an intense trailer. It showcases Gerard Butler as pilot Brodie Torrance fighting to save his passengers after their plane crash-lands on a politically unstable island in the Philippines. The trailer’s tagline is “Survive together or die alone.” It also appears on a movie poster reminiscent of the popular TV series “Lost.” Featuring stunning location shots from the film’s Puerto Rico filming. The trailer promises an adrenaline-fueled experience. This will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

On January 4, 2023, a new trailer for “Plane” became available. It further heightened anticipation for the film’s theatrical release.

Where can you watch the movie?

The plane is set to hit theaters in the US on January 13, 2023. After a lengthy and complex pre-production process. Despite January’s reputation as a “dump month” for films expected to perform poorly at the box office. Moreover, this trend has shifted in recent years, as Douglas Laman pointed out in Collider. The 2020 film Bad Boys for Life will be available in January. It grossed over 60 million dollars domestically on its opening weekend. It remains to see if the movie will experience similar success.

Will you be able to watch movies in theaters?

The plane will come into theaters across the US on January 13, 2023. This followed an extended and complicated pre-production phase. January is typically famous as a “dump month”. As movies expect to underperform at the box office. However, this perception has shifted in recent years. As noted by Douglas Laman of Collider. The 2020 film Bad Boys for Life will be available in January. Plus, it grossed over 60 million dollars domestically on its opening weekend. Whether Plane will replicate this level of success? The issue is still not available. Find the answer to this question. It would be best if you watched the movie. Moreover, it would be best if you saw how it’s going to have an impact on the box office.    

Is Plane Streaming?

At this time, it is unclear when Plane will be available for streaming. Typically, Lionsgate films release to Start before they become available on other streaming platforms, such as Roku. At the same time, viewers need to wait to watch the movie from the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, those interested in a thrilling action movie in a tropical location should mark their calendars for January 13, 2023, theatrical release. However, there are no reviews available yet. The film boasts an impressive cast and crew and promises to deliver excitement and tension.

The Crux

Although an action film with Gerard Butler and Mike Colter may sound like an obvious recipe for success, a plane’s journey to the big screen is smooth. MadRiver Pictures acquired the rights to the plane crash thriller in 2016 and 2019. Plus, Lionsgate secured distribution rights. However, the COVID-19 pandemic added more turbulence to the already complicated deal. This caused delays in filming and even led to Lionsgate briefly pulling out of the project. But after all the setbacks, this high-stakes action film will finally hit theaters on January 13th.


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