Consecration: A Psychological Horror Thriller Movie


As the anticipation for ‘Consecration’ continues to build. However, fans are scouring the internet for any information about this upcoming release. With a solid cast and riveting plot, there’s no doubt that this series has great potential. It’s always refreshing when new content brings something unique, keeping viewers captivated from start to finish.

As more details emerge regarding ‘Consecration,’ it will be fascinating to see how audiences respond. Will it become an instant hit or perhaps garner a cult following? Only time will tell. One thing is certain – with such an intriguing premise. Plus, with a talented cast, many are eager to watch it unfold on screen.

So keep your eyes peeled for updates and mark your calendars for the release date of ‘Consecration.’ This soon-to-be-talked-about show may take television by storm. Moreover, ensuring you won’t miss out on any twists and turns in its storyline!

Who is in the cast of ‘Consecration’?

‘Consecration’ boasts an impressive cast of talented actors who bring their A-game to the screen. Bethany Joy Lenz leads the pack and plays the role of Pastor Joanne. Fans of ‘One Tree Hill’ will recognize her as Haley James Scott. As she’s sure to impress once again in this new series.

Joining Lenz is actor Robert Wisdom. He is famous for his roles in ‘The Wire,’ ‘Prison Break,’ and ‘Ballers.’ He portrays Bishop Ezekiel Hopkins with equal parts conviction and charisma.

Meanwhile, Alphonso McAuley brings his comedic chops to the table. However, Jermaine Webster is a youth pastor with a heart for making a difference. Rounding out the main cast are newcomers Deprise Brescia as Sister Maggie and Bill Gillane as Detective Frank Marino.

With such a dynamic ensemble at its core. It’s no wonder that ‘Consecration’ promises to be one of the most engaging dramas on television this year. Each actor lends their unique talents and perspectives to create characters that audiences will undoubtedly root for (or against). Get ready for some unforgettable performances!


The Film ‘Consecration Location?

‘Consecration’ is a supernatural drama series that has garnered significant attention since the announcement of its release. The show takes place in a small town, which sets the tone for an eerie and mysterious atmosphere.

The filming location enhances this by taking place in various spots around Canada. You can expect to see some beautiful scenery throughout the episodes of ‘Consecration.’ Some scenes films in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley area. That provides picturesque backdrops for some intense moments.

Parts of the series get to shoot in Maple Ridge, another stunning location that adds depth to certain plot points. As with any well-produced show or movie, the area is essential in setting the mood and ambience.

The production team chose these locations wisely because they contribute significantly to creating and building suspenseful elements throughout each episode.

You’ll enjoy seeing how these unique Canadian locations add flair and excitement to ‘Consecration.’

Who wrote and directed ‘Consecration’?

  • ‘Consecration’ is a highly anticipated upcoming horror series. Plus, gets direction from the talented duo of Antonio Campos and Maggie Cohn. Campos is an accomplished writer and director famous for his work on films such as ‘The Devil All the Time’, ‘Christine’, and ‘Simon Killer’.
  • Cohn, meanwhile, is a relatively new name in Hollywood. He made her mark as a producer on the critically acclaimed drama film ‘American Honey’. Together, these two creative minds have joined forces to bring us what promises to be one of the most haunting television shows of recent times.
  • Their combined experience in filmmaking ensures that viewers can expect top-notch storytelling and exceptional direction when they tune into this bone-chilling show. With their unique vision, we can rest assured that ‘Consecration’ will deliver all the thrills, scares, twists, and turns necessary to keep audiences glued to their screens.
  • Seeing such talented individuals come together to create something truly special is exciting. Fans eagerly await its release date to experience this highly anticipated series firsthand.
  • Get ready to dive into the world of intrigue, suspense and mystery! ‘Consecration’ is the latest buzzword in the entertainment industry, and we’ve got all the juicy details you need. From its gripping plot to a stellar cast lineup, this upcoming show promises to leave you on the edge of your seat. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unpack everything there is to know about ‘Consecration,’ so grab your popcorn and let’s get started!

What is ‘Consecration’?

‘Consecration’ is an upcoming thriller series creating a buzz in entertainment. With its unique storyline and nail-biting twists, this show promises to become your new binge-watch obsession.

The term ‘consecration’ refers to dedicating something or someone for a sacred purpose, and this theme is deeply ingrained in the series narrative. As you unravel each episode, you’ll immerse yourself in a captivating tale full of mystery and suspense.

Set against a backdrop filled with rich visuals and atmospheric elements, ‘The consecration plot delves into complex themes like faith, betrayal, power struggles and redemption. The intricate storytelling will keep viewers engaged as they try to piece together clues hidden within every scene.

With its top-notch production values and strong performances from an ensemble cast, ‘Consecration’ aims to leave an indelible mark on audiences worldwide, craving gripping content that keeps them guessing until the end.

The plot of ‘Consecration.’

  • The plot of ‘Consecration’ centers around a young woman named Diana, struggling to accept her past. After being raised in a strict religious community, she begins questioning her beliefs and begins a journey of self-discovery.
  • As she delves deeper into her psyche, Diana uncovers dark secrets about the community she grew up in. She must confront these truths head-on if she wants to break free from the confines of her past and find true happiness.
  • Throughout the series, Diana battles with conflicting emotions as she tries to reconcile what she has been taught with what she feels in her heart. Along the way, she meets various characters who challenge her beliefs and help shape her outlook on life.
  • With an intriguing storyline that explores themes of religion, identity and personal growth, ‘Consecration’ promises to be a thought-provoking drama that keeps viewers hooked until the end.

The Characters of ‘Consecration.’

Getting to know the cast is one of the most exciting aspects of any new TV show. ‘Consecration’ boasts an impressive ensemble led by familiar faces and up-and-coming talent.

Ethan James, played by newcomer Tyler Shaw, is at the story’s heart. With just a handful of credits to his name, Shaw has already made a name for himself as a versatile actor with great range.

Opposite him is veteran actress Sophia Ramirez, who plays Sister Mary Grace. Ramirez brings decades of experience to her role as the tough but compassionate nun guiding Ethan on his journey.

Rounding out this talented cast are supporting players like John Smith (Detective Martinez), Sarah Lee (Dr Chen), and Jamal Thompson (Father Rodriguez). Each actor brings unique perspective and energy to their characters, making ‘Consecration’ an exciting showcase for emerging talent in Hollywood.

It’s clear that ‘Consecration’ has assembled a top-notch team in front of and behind the camera – we can’t wait to see what they have in store!

The release date of ‘Consecration.’

Fans of supernatural horror will be pleased to know that ‘Consecration’ sets to premiere on August 13, 2021. This upcoming series has been highly anticipated by many viewers who are eager to see what the show has in store for them.

The release date announcement earlier this year quickly gained attention from horror enthusiasts. The timing couldn’t be better as summer is typically a slower time for television shows, giving ‘Consecration’ a chance to shine truly.

Many fans are already marking their calendars and eagerly awaiting August 13 so they can tune into this exciting new series. With its intriguing plot and talented cast members, it’s no wonder why so many people are excited about ‘Consecration’.

The release date of ‘Consecration’ is just around the corner, and anticipation continues to build. Fans of supernatural horror won’t want to miss out on this thrilling new series when it premieres later this summer.

Everything else you need to know about ‘Consecration.’

  • Aside from the plot and cast, there are several other interesting things about ‘Consecration’. For starters, the series was developed by David Weil, who also created Amazon Prime’s hit show ‘Hunters.’ It gets its production by Blumhouse Television, which holds a reputation for producing horror content such as ‘The Purge franchise.
  • Moreover, one of the directors of ‘Consecration’ is Julius Avery. He directed another horror film called Overlord in 2018; with his experience running a successful movie in this genre, this show promises to be exciting and thrilling.
  • Another notable aspect of this series is its setting. The story occurs in New England, where spooky folklore and legends are prevalent. This adds an extra layer to the already ominous atmosphere throughout the show.

The Crux

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that each episode will run for approximately forty-five minutes long. So you can expect plenty of suspenseful moments packed into every installment.

With its release date quickly approaching on November 12 exclusively on the Epix network, viewers have high expectations for what Consecration will bring to their screens. Overall judging from what we know so far, fans should prepare themselves for chillingly good entertainment!


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