Armageddon Time Movie Review In 2022

Movie Production Team

Producer: Anthony Kata gas, Marc Butane, Rodrigo Teixeira, James Gary

Writer: James Gary

Director: James Gary


  • Anne Hathaway as Esther Graff
  • Jeremy Strong as Irving Graff
  • Michael Banks Repeat as Paul Graff
  • Jaylin Webb as Johnny Davis
  •  Tova Feldshuh as Grandma Mickey
  • Ryan Sell as Ted Graff
  • Anthony Hopkins as Aaron Rabinowitz
  • John Diehl as Fred Trump
  • Andrew Polk as Mr. Turkeltaub
  • Jessica Chastain as Maryanne Trump


  • Rating: R (underage drug use and foul language)
  • In theatres: November 4, 2022
  • Ticket sales (Gross USA): $884.9K
  • Runtime: One h 54m


Even after several people try to wake Paul Graff up in the movie emotionally powerful performance “Armageddon Time” by Michael Banks Repeat, Paul Graff does not respond. Paul is a cheerful young man who is now in the sixth grade and is from Queens, New York. While the rest of the family watches the results of the presidential election in November, Paul continues to sleep despite their countless efforts to wake him up.

The man who gave birth to Paul, Irving, jumps out of bed and starts dancing on it (Jeremy Strong). The role of Ted, the elder brother utterly dependent on him, is perform by Ryan Sell. He receives advice from his mother regarding what to wear and how to pack his lunch for the day.

James Gary, who wrote and directed “Armageddon Time,” can only piece together Paul’s awakenings in hindsight due to the nature of his job. This mature movie investigates memory in a manner not dissimilar to “After sun.”

Tenderness is difficult to articulate throughout these latter years of childhood and adolescence since it occurs during a period when there are still infinite opportunities. Nevertheless, we are only beginning to see that it is fraught with difficulties, let-downs, and losses. These fictitious characters, such as those from “Outside In” and “The Wizard of Oz,” are between the ages of 11 and 12.

Comparable to Louis Male’s “Au Revoir Les Enfants,” which is also a memory retrieval Movie about young people, “Armageddon Time” tells the narrative of adolescent innocence recalled with sorrow and a feeling of duty, as well as a mature awareness of history’s most horrible bigotries and injustices.

Armageddon Time: Detailed Plot Summary


Paul chooses to spend his time at the house with his family and elder brother. He spends a significant amount of his time with his grandpa, who significantly impacts his life (Anthony Hopkins). Paul considers him his closest confidant and the one who can provide him with the most valuable insights.

Instead of encouraging Paul to pursue a career in the arts, Paul’s parents encourage him to choose a job in a field that offers greater stability.

Grandpa catches

On the other hand, Grandpa catches him off guard by presenting him with a set of paints designed just for adults. Paul and his brother do not have the same possibilities to have “a seat at the table” as their folks have because of the IQ gap between them and their parents. On the other side, his grandpa encourages him to follow his ambitions and go for what he wants.

During the academic year, Paul makes the acquaintance of a new buddy. Johnny Davis, played by Jaylin Webb, is the only black kid in his sixth-grade class. Because he is so tall, he stands out from the other students. On Paul’s 1st day of school, Johnny berated the instructor, and Paul drew a portrait of the professor, who often makes fun of him. Paul’s caricature was based on the teacher.

They make the joyful decision to spend the day in New York rather than embarking on a school excursion. Despite this, there is still a need to find solutions to their issues. The Pauls have decided to send their kid to the prestigious Kew Forest School.

Maryanne Trump

Maryanne Trump and Donald Trump, who would later become a judge and the president, were sent by Fred Trump to investigate the situation. Fred Trump documents Paul Trump’s first day in school.

Paul’s grandpa instilled in him the importance of living his life as a “mensch,” a person of high moral character and integrity. A respectable guy will always speak up in defence of those who are being mistreated. He relates to Paul the story of his mother, who was just a teenager when the Cossacks killed her Jewish parents.

Meanwhile, Paul is facing pressure from his folks, who don’t want him to meet Johnny as a result of the troubles that he and Johnny were in together and his blatantly racist new schoolmates. He has a sincere desire to be undetected by everyone. And as things become more difficult and convoluted, people start to doubt his goodness.

Armageddon Time Review: What to Expect


Despite its genuineness and well-intended message, the Movie draws comparisons between Johnny’s hardships, Ronald Reagan’s rise to power, and Donald Trump’s future. Especially the scenes involving Repeat and Hopkins are moving, as the Movie conveys the ambiance of the time and place well.

In her part as Paul’s mother, Hathaway is kind, humorous, and somewhat indulgent. After she defends him to the principal, she can tell him how she truly feels after they have left his office. When we see that her efforts are having an effect, the Movie fails to progress successfully.

Most significant Problem

The most significant problem with the screenplay is that it needs to present us with a fully developed and believable character in the form of Johnny. The video primarily focuses on Johnny and other children who, like him, were abandoned at home and mistreated by those who were supposed to be helping them. 

The way that Johnny is treated disrespectfully by his teacher and some of the older black students in the class, who make fun of him because of his ambition to work for NASA, breaks my heart. He is not required to remain on planet Earth for any longer than is strictly required.

Webb is a young actor with extraordinary potential who can convey a lot with only his eyes alone. Johnny’s face lights up when he has a sense of being connected to others and hope. On the other hand, Johnny’s personality is a disorganized mess that is devoid of any kind of coherence or consistency.

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